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Coffee has long been a familiar drink worldwide. It helps to be alert and spirited to start the day. Together with Duong Cafe find tastes under the following article, check out some of the best coffee in the world.

  1. Kopi Luwak Coffee (Weasel coffee)

Kopi Luwak is used to refer to a type of seed due to the spotting of the fruit of the civet. Spotted civet (Paradoxurus hermaphrodites) belongs to the Civet family (Viverridae), they are scattered in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and southern China. Their favorite drinks are fruits and berries. But when entering the stomach, only the coffee is digested, and coffee beans follow the digestive tract to be excreted. It was this process that created today’s famous weasel coffee.

Dia chi ca phe CHON uy tin Ha Noi

  1. Pacamara Coffee

Pacamara is a hybrid of the Pacas and Maragogype strains. Breed was created in El Salvador. The size of the charcoal and Pacamara coffee beans is huge. Coffee is highly productive when grown in highland areas. Its taste is very characteristic. Pacamara has a mild bitterness and sourness, sublimation in the sense of taste and a long aftermath.

cà phê pacamara

  1. Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most expensive and popular Arabica coffee beans in the world. Blue Mountain is grown most in the highlands of Blue Mountains. The climate here is pleasant, the rainfall is high, the soil is rich in nutrients and good water permeability. The combination of soil and climate creates the ideal conditions for coffee.

Blue Moutain is well known in the world for its mild, smelling, less sour taste, with a hint of sweetness and richness. Currently, Japan is the largest importer of Blue Mountain coffee (90% of total production).

Cà phê Blue Mountain

4.Cafe Typica

Arabica Typica is the oldest coffee variety in the world. Typica has very low productivity, small particle size, oval shape. However, the quality is excellent with excellent taste, sweet bitter taste mixed with a little sour, physically strong and balanced.

Cafe Typica

  1. Ethiopian coffee

Ethiopia can be considered the cradle of the coffee industry. Ethiopian coffee farmers in four different systems, including forest coffee, coffee for sale, coffee gardens and coffee growing.

The scent of the indigenous African coffee varieties is extremely rich, with the smell mixed from chocolate to the scones, from the smell of grass to the smell of fruit flowers; taste sweet to sour, from bitter to spicy.

cà phê Ethiopia

  1. Coffee Villasarchi

Villasarchi is grown in the western valley of Costa Rica. They grow well in high altitudes. Villasarchi’s fruit has a bright red color that looks very beautiful and attractive, the sour taste is elegantly mixed with a mysterious sweetness, creating a strange feeling when drinking.

Cà phê Villasarchi

7. Geisha coffee

Geisha is an extremely rare coffee variety in the world. Geisha has a sweet taste, a soft and sour taste, and a rich flavor, even a ripe fruit flavor such as mango, papaya, peaches with honey, smelling grass, strawberry fruit forest together with malt smell …

Cà phê Geisha

  1. Colombian coffee

Colombian coffee is a combination of Robusta and Arabica coffee. Colombian coffee has a strong, wonderful aroma, very high acidity, with bitter taste, almost no sweet, strong aftertaste, used in high-end coffee brands.

Cà phê Colombia

  1. Jember Coffee

Jember Coffee produced a cup of coffee with a dark brown color by the content of the large caramel sugar contained in the seeds and a strong smell that brought the flavor of syrup, a sweet, ripe fruit flavor.

Cà phê Jember

  1. Catuai coffee

Catuai is a hybrid of Novo Mondo and Caturra varietals and originates from Brazil. The ripe Catuai coffee fruit can be red and yellow. Seeds that produce yellow fruit have a stronger physical and feeling in the mouth. The red catuai has a more refined taste.

Cà phê Catuai

  1. Caturra coffee

Caturra is a higher productivity mutation of Bourbon found in Brazil. Caturra is sour, aromatic and sweeter than pure Bourbon.

Cà phê Caturra

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