Lovesick of coffee

Ca phe hat

Lovesick of coffee

A bit of bitterness of coffee, the sweetness of ice cream, milk is the same as the life of a human being, when sublimated, deep and deep.

Therefore, it is easy to understand when people liken the life of coffee as well as the life of a human being, it must be 9 months of pregnancy to be harvested.

mau ca phe ngon

delicious coffee colorCafé also has an adult time, ups and downs, sometimes beautiful, sometimes brilliant.

Born from the plant sprouts, coffee is not a grain, coffee is a white flower, pristine and also very innocent and cute.

A little bigger, the bunches of flowers form a luxuriant fruit, branching.

Initially only the young and weak green fruits. Like a child, when they were born, they took the first steps into life. They are too naive and don’t know the taste of its life.

Then whether you like it or not, the green cafe goes through the changes of life and changes.

Where the rain is coming and sometimes it rises again. The rain was pouring, then the cold winds. Just a ray of sunshine now makes the immature green coffee wake up after the wet rainy days. Sometimes, hateful worms make them more fragile and rough.

But, they are not isolated but are clustered, branched together. The coffee beans are not afraid, because there are many other fruits, the other bunch is always beside. They envelop each other, overcome the turbulence of life together, just as we do. We grew up in the family arms, loved and protected by our families until we could become independent.

Gradually, through many other challenges, there are those who will resist, but there are those who accept to give up. Those coffee beans that cannot overcome the challenge will probably only go green or red yet, they will fall down and die for the next adventure. As for the remaining fruits, when they tasted the natural flavors, they became more and more powerful and more red.

Coffee be coming ripen

Hat ca phe Arabica chin mong la nguyen lieu tao nen ca phe phan voi
Hạt cà phê Arabica chín mọng là nguyên liệu tạo nên cà phê phân voi

By this time, the coffee beans are the most brilliant, the most sunny. It is the deep red of the victory of the blazing fire. The life of cafe fruit is probably the most beautiful at this stage. They are mature and this is when they enjoy life. Pure water, cool air, fertile land, strong love and care from the people of the red soil plateau are combined into the most elite. These berries are the best, most beautiful, most proud of the mother nature.

Therefore, that is why coffee got bitter. Many people do not tolerate the bitter taste of coffee, so enjoy sugar or milk for bitterness when enjoying it. As for me, I will not give anything else to coffee, because I know: “coffee must taste through bitterness to feel the sweet aftertaste of the delicious coffee.” finally, there is a deep, deep feeling to enjoy and to reflect on life, to reflect on life. Life is too crowded, making us just run around and forget about the values ​​around us. Sit down, make a cup of coffee and listen to the coffee whisper again!

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