Luwak Coffee – Number one choice as a gift for foreigners

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Luwak Coffee – Number one choice as a gift for foreigners

Foreign tourists come to Viet Nam to buy Vietnamese specialties as gifts. Luwak coffee is the perfect choice for these visitors. The gift is lightweight, quality, but again bring the flavor of the Vietnamese nation, nowhere.

Ca phe chon qua doi tac

The story of the gift selection of foreign friends

I have a Malaysian friend, named Joy Chong. We met once when she and her mother came to Viet Nam for an international seminar organized by our Faculty. Since seeing Viet Nam through film, Joy has been eager to visit Viet Nam once.

Due to limited time, only 2 days, so I take her to the famous tourist attractions in the area of Ha Noi. Going to where we all enjoy beautiful scenery, take pictures and enjoy the famous food. Joy especially loves pancakes and noodles. She will definitely learn how to cook for everyone in the family to enjoy. But “Pho” Viet Nam not everyone can cook the right taste as traditional in Ha Noi where.

Choice is not difficult

On the last day in Viet Nam, Joy wanted to buy a special gift from Viet Nam for her father. But, she did not know what to choose, Pho is certainly not brought back.

I asked her dad something special in particular. She said her father especially liked coffee. In the morning before going to work her father also sipped a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper. Then just plain, is not the best coffee?

Luwak coffees just focus on the essence of Vietnamese culture, quality and unique flavor again. Even Joy, who does not have a coffee habit, falls in love with the first try of the specialty.

From special taste to premium selection as a gift

In the world there are many places are also famous for coffee products. However, there are rare places where the taste is as good as in Viet Nam. When you take a sip of coffee luwak, you will feel the gentle bitter taste accompanied by sweet taste. Especially in the coffee luwak, is that each time each drink is different taste. Sigh of coffee may be the smell of coffee mixed with ripe fruit. But then the next sip is the smell of coffee flavored chocolate.


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