Make coffee by filter, Is the best delicious Vietnamese Coffee ?

Every day we drink coffee with different flavors, each type of drink has different recipes. Vietnamese Coffee, have the right mix to be the best, and find out with Duong Cafe.

Vietnam is the largest coffee exporter in the world. However, in Vietnam, the way of coffee consumption is special unlike other countries.

Around the beginning of the 20th century, coffee followed the footsteps of the French who entered Vietnam and also conveyed to Vietnamese people how to make coffee with filter.

This way is relatively simple and does not require complicated equipment. The key principle is to allow water to penetrate the coffee. However, the quality of coffee is not good and stable because it depends on many factors such as boiling temperature of water, smoothness of coffee, compressive force when mixed and especially slow, time consuming.

And this preparation is no longer popular in the world. Currently there are many better mixing methods that the world is using. The way to conquer more people in the world is the way of blending Italian Espresso style.

Ca phe pha bang Phin Lieu Co Ngon
Coffee brewed with Phở Is Delicious

It is based on the vapor pressure penetrated through the coffee.

And with a delicious cup of coffee, it is based on 4 factors:

– Quality coffee

– Water temperature

– The amount of water

– And the making time

An Espresso machine controls most of these elements.

It uses steam pressure to penetrate the coffee so it is best to extract caffeine. Control temperature is always fixed 96 degrees C, pressure 9 – 9.3 / 1cm block, 14ml water on 1 shot and in about 26 seconds we get a cup of coffee.

Therefore, brewing a very good cup of coffee and evenly, the first cup is not different from the next one. That’s why this way of mixing goes around the world, and most of the shops or offices today have Espresso machines for consumers.

And gradually, thanks to the development of information, large coffee brands introduced into Vietnam have contributed to gradually changing that behavior. Everyone is understanding what is the real coffee, what is really good coffee.


So the question is how do Vietnamese coffee brands struggle with foreign brands?

In my opinion, it is to integrate the establishment of clean Vietnamese coffee brands suitable for international coffee, bring Vietnamese coffee abroad. That will help the value of Vietnamese coffee beans improve. vnexpress

The products of Duong cafe are mixed in accordance with international standards and traditional methods of preparation, very suitable for domestic and export. You can refer to: Fresh coffee



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