Make coffee with aluminum filter will help your home coffee more delicious


On the market there are many types of coffee, the method of mixing is very diverse, but the most common is using filters.

To make perfect and delicious coffee cup – Choose cafe filter so choose FILTER ALUMINUM

There are 2 types of common filters on the market: aluminum filter and stainless steel filter … Most people like to use stainless steel filter because of higher aesthetic. It is easy to wash, shiny … Aluminum filter type is often poor after 1 time using color is no longer shiny …

Ca phe pha bang phin nhom se ngon hon

– Produced by pure aluminum alloy according to Japanese standard JIS.


– The surface of the product is treated by anodizing technology (Anodizing) to help prevent corrosion, protect the surface, and use durable.

– Products are not stained black, rusty when used for a long time, ensuring health for users.

– Products suitable as gifts for customers and partners.

Ca phe pha bang phin nhom se ngon honThe number of holes in the filter body, the filter disc must be equal and evenly distributed so that the coffee can filter the best. Hole size must be compatible with the particle size of ground coffee beans, so that about 55-60 drops of coffee per minute can be given.

The hole in the tuck comb (tuck lid) must also be evenly distributed and denser than the density of the hole on the body and disc filter so that the water penetrates the coffee betterCa phe pha bang phin nhom se ngon hon

The secret of having a good cup of coffee:

Coffee, you should choose pure coffee.

– Filter makes coffee, so choose aluminum filter. Should choose the type of thick filter, evenly holes


– Boiling water temperature from 95 – 100 degrees C

– Cups or cups, spoons (Should choose porcelain or glass cups, spoons should choose aluminum scoop. Especially, do not choose cups, spoons made of plastic, because the plastic will melt when meeting hot water, so will not good for your health).

According to the long-term experience of experts, do not use bottled water to boil, make coffee, but use tap water.

Preparation steps:

Step 1: Clean up filter, cups and spoons for draining. Then, rinse the tools with boiling water.

Step 2: Put the coffee in the filter, the amount of coffee is equal to 6/10 filter, shake gently, then gently press the lid to make the coffee easy. Note: Do not press too hard, coffee will choke, and when boiling water in coffee will not bloom, coffee taste will be harsh. If the press is too light, the coffee will flow quickly so the coffee cup is not dense.

Step 3: Brew coffee: Take the cap off, pour a little boiling water gently into the coffee filter. Then cover the lid for about 10 minutes to brew the coffee.

Step 4: Pour water into the filter. Note: Pour gently, in a circle. The amount of water depends on the preference of drinking more or less. If you like a lot of bold, give about 8/10 filter, drink less then give 9/10 filter.

Step 5: Finally give milk, sugar, ice as you like (Small tips on how to make delicious coffee: The amount of milk with reasonable coffee to have a good cup of coffee is: 3 parts milk – 7 parts coffee).

Ca phe pha bang phin nhom se ngon hon

Hopefully, through experience, you also contribute many delicious ways to coffee lovers as we have the opportunity to experience the exciting moments with delicious coffee and the top flavor.

Products made of coffee by filter:

Robusta (250g)

ARABICA (250g)

Moka (250g)

PREMIUM (500g)

ESSENSAL Package 250g

QUEEN (250g)




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