Men choose Coffee or Lady

Bac xiu hoa tan

Men choose Coffee or Lady

Coffee and Lady are the two most attractive things for men. Coffee also has many tastes, so do lady. Everyone likes a coffee flavor, like a lady. But the common point between coffee and lady is that they are “hard”.

Coffee isn’t liked by everyone

Coffee carry out a strange attraction. Caffein in coffee bring excited felling, arouse to strange. So, not everyone also like it. Coffee addicts are immersed in the world of sublimation. If you do not like coffee, just smell it is annoying. The drink is mixed with bitter, sweet, the sight of milk cream and the taste of salt. Only a cup of coffee, but it contains a significant number of aftertaste. Every once enjoy a different boldness. Some people like ice cream, milk, but also people like coffee bitter. Men, they love coffee both way and way back. Being addicted to coffee is like captivating alluring ladies.

cam phe "chanh"
cà phê “chảnh”

Given the prevalence of coffee drink culture. Not once said that I never drink coffee. Although they don’t like coffee, but there are several time to drink. Being a man, not drinking coffee is strange.

Coffee is a friend

What better way to have coffee every morning. For men, greeting a new day with a coffee with milk while reading the news, waiting for going to work is the best thing. A cup of coffee on the familiar desk, a few meetings with colleagues, friends, partners. Coffee cups have been around for years. If you need to work in the evening, a steaming cup of coffee is enough.

ca phe la nguoi ban cua canh may rau
cà phê là người bạn của cánh mày râu

Coffee as a friend, is a mental pill in busy life, full of worries. There are people who drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day. Because work, pressure, they need energy, need to be alert, to focus, to be creative. Everyday, coffee is indispensable in life.

There is an interesting comparison that men consider coffee as a lover. Because each type of coffee, each coffee shop gives a certain feeling. And when they get used to the taste, then they will just pick up where they find the best feeling.

Coffee is like a lady

The lady will be the backstage, where after a tired working day, men want to return. Like lady, coffee is addictive and offers a surprising and exciting experience. It seems that hidden coffee is attractive no one can refuse, especially men. Coffee creates excitement for the brain, giving new ideas to the man. Lady, like coffee, always create attraction and excitement. There will not be a man who says they do not like attractive lady. Every person has a look, there is a different appeal about lady.

cà phê cũng giống như phụ nữ
cà phê cũng giống như phụ nữ

Each type of coffee gives a different way of feeling about the lady. Once often said that pure coffee is bitter, fragrant, aftertaste. It is like a personality lady who brings strength, thorny, confusing, independent, confident, fresh, attractive. Coffee with sugar, cream, milk is like a feminine girl brings sweet, lovely, cute, gentle. The sweetness and bitterness are different but they bring pleasure, which enables men want to enjoy their own preferences.

Men love cafe, insomnia because of cafe.

Become a lady who makes men sleepless like coffee!


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