Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 – The most meaningful gift

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 – The most meaningful gift

The Mid-Autumn Festival or also known as the reunion day is an indispensable festival in the cultural and spiritual life of Vietnamese people. This is also a day of special significance for other Asian countries such as China, Japan …

The Mid-Autumn Festival is not only an opportunity for children to play, but it is also an opportunity to bring people together. What is more wonderful than being together with friends and relatives to gather around the tray of five fruits, guarding them from the outside, catching the full moon, watching the lion dance, laughing and chatting happily.

Tet Trung Thu

In the current context, competition between businesses is becoming stronger and more intense. Choosing the way to invest in customer care will be a perfect competitive advantage for businesses. The gift of gratitude to customers is paid more attention, especially when the Lunar New Year is coming soon. A gift that is traditional, but still ensures a new, luxurious and modern element will be a great solution for businesses. Especially when the gift is in line with the budget and consumer culture of Vietnamese people

Giving Coffee – A rich and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival gift!

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 is coming, another season of Lunar New Year comes in the joy of many Vietnamese people. Duong Cafe is pleased to offer businesses special Mid-Autumn Gifts for gratitude to customers / partners.

The feelings of respect, deep thanks are encapsulated in meaningful gifts that people give each other. Gift value is not as important as how you think about them and the feelings you send.

Tang qua Ca phe - Tang Tet Trung Thu dam da, y nghia!
Gift is Coffee – Meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival!

From the Tay Nguyen “capital” of Vietnamese coffee, weasel coffee, Arabica, Robusta, Moka … were born in strict and strict control process of Duong Cafe. Then it gives the most delicious and pure coffee flavor. Along with “secret recipe” of Duong Cafe, coffee now has more new and attractive flavors. This perfect combination will enchant anyone when enjoying

Duong Cafe COMMITMENT Quality – Prestige of the partner is ALL!

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