Miracle effect of coffee on each part of the body

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Miracle effect of coffee on each part of the body

Coffee is the popular drinks in the word. But, coffee also causes multi-dimensional impact on the human body. On the one hand, this delicious drink is rich in healthy compounds.

Coffee causes multi-dimensional impact on the human body. On the one hand, this drink is rich in healthful compounds. On the other hand, coffee contains certain stimulants that are detrimental to several people. Let’s see, what happens in the body a moment after drinking coffee.


Impact on the brain

Caffeine in coffee is a compound that impact on the brain, it promotes nerve cell stimulation. As a result, the perception of working with higher intensity than normal, you do not have trouble with concentration efforts and loss of sleepiness.

Effects of caffeine with the brain after 30 minutes of coffee and you awake in the next few hours. According to Finlands’ researcher, frequent drinking of coffee will reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in old age


Caffeine in coffee that stimulates the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline (a hormone that regulates neural activity). The consequence of the phenomenon is more visual. After drinking a small cup of coffee, the pupil dilates, allowing you to see things more subtly and clearly.

Cardiovascular system

After drinking coffee, blood pressure increases, the heart beat accelerates to 100 bpm (normal about 60-80) and after an hour back to normal. This is a non-dangerous acceleration for normal healthy people. Even, people feel the effect as an energy supplement. However, coffee can be dangerous for people with hypertension, heart related diseases or fast-paced syndrome. Excess caffeine with these objects can lead to heart attack.

Gastric effect

Caffeine stimulates gastric secretion, up to 15% higher than normal. As a result, the digestion process occurs more quickly, the drinker feels lighter and relaxed. However, after drinking your favorite cup of coffee, gastric acid secretion also increases. So heartburn, stomach cramps and reflux may occur in some people.

With intestines

Coffee stimulates intestinal motility, so food moves faster through the digestive tract – from the esophagus to the anus. However, caffeine disturbs the metabolism of iron minerals, so do not drink coffee when eating foods rich in iron (such as red meat).

Even though drinking coffee can have a temporary laxative effect. But  in the long run it will have a negative effect. The truth is that caffeine can be toxic to people with chronic constipation, because coffee causes dehydration.

With bladder

The phenomenon of urinating more after drinking coffee is likely because in this drink there are compounds that stimulate the bladder to work intensively.

Do you have trouble with the kidneys? Should limit coffee, because the oxalate available in coffee is easy to combine with calcium, forming stones.


To protect white enamel like snow, drink coffee with a straw. Generally speaking, coffee has more health benefits for teeth than it does to discolor. Polyphenol compounds in coffee have the effect of bactericidal and soluble tartar. However, positive effects only appear in cases of “black” coffee – do not add sugar, whey or syrup odor.

With blood

The Dutch scientists of University of Wageningen claim that oil-containing coffee can increase the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. However, coffee has removed this toxic compound. But the threat will come true if you drink coffee from a French press.

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