Mocha – The perfect combination

Mocha ca phe

Mocha – The perfect combination

 Mocha coffee is a mixture of coffee and hot chocolate. The sweet fat of the cream blends with the sweet taste of irresistible chocolate. Unlike cappucino there is only one layer of milk foam on the surface. Mocha gives users sweet and greasy.

A little bitter taste of coffee blends with a little sweet taste of chocolate to create a cup of mocha coffee.

Mocha ca phe
coffee mocha

With a light scent of coffee, sweet taste of fresh milk and chocolate. Very suitable Mocha coffee is a refreshment in hot days. Its sweet taste makes the mind feel refreshed and relaxed. In particular, this is a favorite drink for those who do not like pure coffee. Indeed, there is nothing better than having a mocha coffee on these hot summer days.

With a different combination of coffee, milk and chocolate will give different flavors. Mocha is made from roasted granulated coffee and hot steam. With this method, coffee aroma aroma but not too bold coffee.

After a few minutes, the cup of mocha coffee looks attractive. With golden light brown color, and a combination of a little cream, just look and feel like enjoying it right away.

Specially, when combined with a little pureed stone makes your coffee become more wonderful. A little sweetness of ice cream and chocolate, a little bitterness of coffee, a little cool taste of ice. It is a choice not to be missed on hot days like this.

Moreover, the taste of coffee is not so bold that you absolutely don’t have to worry about losing sleep.

Duong cafe is proud to bring customers the best quality coffee products. Especially, Duong cafe has launched a completely new chocolate coffee product on the market.


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