Mocha – The perfect combination

Mocha ca phe

Mocha – The perfect combination

A bit of bitterness of coffee blends with a sweet taste of chocolate to create a cup of mocha coffee. Mocha coffee is a mixture of hot coffee and chocolate. The fat of fresh cream mixed with the sweet taste of chocolate can not resist. Unlike cappuccinos with only a layer of foam on the surface, mocha gives the user a sweet and fatty look.


With the light aroma of coffee, the sweet taste of fresh milk and chocolate, Mocha coffee is a good drink in the hot days. Its sweet taste makes the spirit refreshed and relaxed. Especially, this is a favorite drink for those who do not like the taste of pure coffee. Indeed, in the hot summer days like this one that has a mocha coffee is nothing more wonderful.
With a different combination of coffee, milk and chocolate will give you different flavors. Mocha is made from roasted coffee and steam. With this phase, coffee fragrant flavor but not too bold coffee.

After a few minutes, mocha coffee looks attractive with brownish yellow color, combined with a bit of fresh cream, just look only see want to enjoy right then.

Especially, when combined with a little ground puree makes your cup of coffee more wonderful. The sweetness of ice cream and chocolate, the bitter taste of coffee, the taste of ice – is an indispensable choice on hot days like this.
Moreover, the coffee taste is not so bold so you do not have to worry about losing sleep.
Duong cafe proud to bring customers the best quality coffee. Especially, Duong cafe has launched new chocolate coffee products on the market.


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