Moka Cau Dat – A prestigious place to sell and the way to enjoy the best taste

Duong Cafe will join you to learn about  product types of  Moka Cau Dat

What is Cau Dat Moka coffee bean?

Moka Cau Dat coffee is glorified coffee devotees is the best coffee in Vietnam with a strong flavor and aroma hard to resist. For years, coffee connoisseurs are not known about the reputation of this queen coffee.

Characteristics honoring the title of coffee queen

Currently, in Vietnam, this type of coffee is still very little, the main reason for this is because the productivity of Moka is very low, the ability to withstand pests and diseases, so the price of this coffee is very High in the market.

Moka Cau Dat is known as the queen of the high-end Arabica line (Arabica is the world’s most advanced coffee line).

Although there are many areas of Moka coffee, but only in Cau Dat, the characteristics of topography, climate, soil … separate for Moka coffee beans to achieve the best quality. The natural conditions of the Cau Dat region are relatively similar to those in Colombia, Brazil – places famous for the best Arabica coffee in the world. It is for these reasons that the former emperor’s throne always belongs to Moka Cau Dat coffee.

If you are looking to buy the original Moka Cau Dat coffee or are wondering if the coffee you buy is real Moka Cau Dat. There is an address for you, that is the Salomon brand – the genuine Cau Dat coffee supplier and a state accreditation paper.

Reward yourself for a delicious and healthy cup of coffee.

The taste makes the difference of Moka Cau Dat compared to other coffees

For those who enjoy Moka Cau Dat for the first time, they all feel sour, thanks to Moka Cau, but Moka’s sourness is not because the product is not of quality, nor because it mixes many ingredients but it is The sourness is very elegant and pleasant. Accompanying with sour taste is a soft fragrance to ecstasy, luxurious with classic features. If combined with Salomon’s excellent blending method, this fragrance can even linger long after you have enjoyed the cup of coffee.

The aftermath of Moka Cau Dat coffee is also very special. Unlike other coffees, those who enjoy the Moka coffee still feel the aroma and sourness mixed with the typical bitter sweetness at the tip of the tongue, hard to forget. That’s why Moka Cau Dat Coffee is different and famous all over the world.


  1. Details

Origin: Lam Dong

Product code: Moka

Main ingredients: 100% of Moka Cau Dat coffee beans

Roasting method: roasting firewood – standard of export quality

Weight: 500g – 1kg – 2kg (upon request)

Suitable for: Mix traditional filter

Manufacturer: Duong Cafe

Product link: https://www.duongcafe.com/san-pham/moka-cau-dat-cafe-hat-2

III. Instruction for filter mixing

Should use pure water, the purer the water, the less impurities the better your coffee cup.

Always clean the glass before mixing, preferably rinsing it through boiling water. Use boiled water at a temperature of 95-100 degrees C.

The amount of coffee needed depends on each person’s preferences. However, an average of 18-21 grams for a good cup of coffee.

Put the coffee in the filter and gently turn the hands, evenly, to make the coffee in a flatter, slightly compressed by rotating the stopper in a spiral.

Take about 18ml of boiling water into the filter, wait until the coffee powder has absorbed all the water, continue adding 42ml of water or more.

Cover the lid and wait to enjoy your delicious coffee.

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