Notes when drinking coffee / Causes of drunk cafe / How to cure drunk café

Notes when drinking coffee / Causes of drunk cafe / How to cure drunk café

We used to drink coffee many times, but have you ever experienced the feeling of drunken coffee? Feelings of dizziness, hangover, hot people, fast heartbeat, face with red and hot sensation, noise around the echoes than usual, action is also slower.

Many people said that drunkenness was more tired than drunk because of the feeling of prolonged drunkenness, after a deep sleep, the feeling of being awake could not be returned immediately.

Causes of cafe drunk

In appropriate doses, caffeine has a healthy effect. However, if abusing, or using too thick coffee, excessive amounts at an inappropriate time, drinking fasting will cause symptoms of coffee.

In addition, caffeine also stimulates the secretion of gastric acid secretion, which in the stomach will damage the gastric mucosa, causing you to get drunk or create a feeling of gagging.

How to cure drunk cafe

When you experience symptoms of coffee, you should drink plenty of water. Caffeine penetrates into the blood very quickly but is easily soluble in water and excreted in the urine. Therefore, drinking plenty of water will help dilute as well as quickly excrete this toxin, the fastest cure for coffee.

A few notes when drinking coffee

In addition, for your passion for coffee not affected by the symptoms of drunkenness and fatigue, take note of the following:

You should drink coffee in the morning, after having breakfast, it will help your mind be clear and refreshing.

Avoid drinking coffee at night because caffeine has a stimulating effect and mild diuresis causes insomnia.

Avoid drinking coffee concurrently with pharmaceuticals, so be sure to take medication at 2 – 3 hours since caffeine can cause interactions with some medications that may have an effect on the medicine.

Avoid drinking coffee at the same time as alcohol because it will make the brain excited, the nerve is inhibited, stimulate the expansion of the blood vessels, increase blood circulation, leading to increased burden Severe for the heart, hurting health

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