Origin and material for making White coffee (Instant white coffee) – Reduce caffeine content

Cach bao quan ca phe

White coffee is a unique product of Duong Cafe.

White coffee is made from arabica coffee and robusta coffee, premium milk-processed milk, heated low-temperature processing and a special process to remove bitter and sour taste caused by baking heat. High and reduce caffeine intake, bitterness and sour taste to the lowest level without adding additives, delicious flavors, gentle stomach and retaining the original color and flavor of coffee, soft colors More plain than regular brown coffee, light yellow gold with pure classic flavor.

White coffee in Vietnam

White coffee is a unique coffee drink in Vietnam from a few years ago. White coffee does not mean that coffee color is yellow and white, it is made from selected coffee beans Liberica, Arabice and Robusta, roasted without caramel at low temperature directly, taking 2.5 times the time High temperature roasting and grinding into regular coffee powder.

It removes scorch and sour taste caused by common roasting at high temperatures, but still retains the natural flavor and aroma of coffee, easy to remember and mellow aroma. Good with stomach, non-inflammatory, low caffeine, pure quality, suitable for the requirements of modern taste of life with outstanding taste.

Instant White coffee product is the crystallization of Duong Cafe:

Vi beo ngay Bac xiu hoa tan

Bạc Xỉu hòa tan (hộp 10 gói – 180g)

other product:

Instant White coffee (180g)
Instant coffee (20 Packs)
QUEEN (250g)
ESSENSAL Package 250g
Moka (250g)
ARABICA (250g)
Robusta (250g)

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