“PIN”(the battery) coffee, obsession of reputation dissolved white coffee and instant coffee

Ca phe tron Pin, ho tieu Pin

In recent times, on the media and social networks, there have been many scandals to food safety issues: It is PIN-dyed coffee

Waste battery-dye coffee in Dak Nong, updated according newspaper Tuoi Tre:

+ The good news is: according to the survey results of this place, batteries-dye coffee, not sold to coffee drinkers, so the last time the phrase PIN coffee said by customers must be correctly called battery mixture.

+ But the bad news is after the investigation, this mixture of batteries is used for food again and victims of counterfeiting is another agricultural product that is pepper. In particular, the youth director of Dak Nong People’s Procuratorate had enough grounds to confirm that the waste of coffee pepper mixed with pepper to increasing weight. At the battery collection facility tested in Binh Phuoc, 9 tons of mixed pepper with a ratio of 0.1 to 0.3% were found to stain the coffee waste and gravel according to the testimony that it is black like dried pepper.

Ca phe Pin

In fact, two agricultural products were affected, a few days ago, how much the coffee maker was bewildered because of the impact, then the pepper growers were filled with that worry. According Tuoi Tre newspaper, a pepper farm owner exclaimed, “this is a cruel act”, when fast-growing pepper is in a difficult context, pepper prices are at the lowest level due to excess crisis. As the pepper association is more cautious, it is still waiting for the investigation agency to see what the purpose of mixing is, where the dirty pepper can be sold, so it can be a general recommendation for the whole industry. Also according to the president of the pepper association, “every year we export 200,000 tons with a turnover of more than US $ 1 billion, the actions of the above suspects – whether small-scale production facilities – affect the brand. , making exports more difficult. Especially at this time, the price of goods is low, so it does not exclude the possibility that the customers will take advantage of the standard information to return the goods.

With PIN coffee or battery pepper, this is a great blow to farmers and consumer confidence.

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