“Poured Coffee” – A creative sky

“Poured Coffee” – A creative sky

Coffee bumps only make people uncomfortable. Nobody thinks it makes such extraordinary things. And only those who are as creative as the artists make them so soulful. Let’s find out how are they unique with Dương Cafe !!

Artist’s profession

Artist is actor of painting work, enabling the public to be perceived by vision artistic idea, feeling, passion myself through works. A simple way, artist have to have certain artistic skills and creativity, the individual opinion shown through each painting.

The artist’s profession is not simply the ability to sketch, colorize, but also several factor to create a composition. It is the feeling, the observation of things around life. A beautiful work is not only the harmony of colors, lines but also the soul of the painting from it.

The artist’s career is gradually lost. Many people are no longer interested in this profession. Maybe because the income from this job is too “low” ? So they gave up their job, choosing other jobs to take care of life. Is that the main reason? Perhaps the paintings are less and less.

Creation in Art

Art is always creative, is different. It is said that “artists have to be crazy, they are called artists”. Not everyone has the “crazy” to create the best artwork. It is a dedication, a new experience that can help them famous for which.

If it’s a good song, a beautiful picture, not everyone can not be felt.Although we do not understand it well, it’s beautiful, but they are highly appreciated. Through the eyes of those who work in old art to see how they are created.

Creative ideas are extremely important. Not for a short time that can be thought of. There are many people who work long time but it is unlikely that there are works for life. But sometimes it comes up suddenly in life, appearing from my loved ones.

Creativity is endless. A seemingly inanimate nature is the subject of creative creation which is very interesting of painter in particular and artists in general. Art exists around our lives. Not everyone sees that. Only the artists can make them so soulful.

Art painting from the cup ” poured coffee”

Food and coffee is definitely for drinking or enjoying. But we accidentally dropped, knocked down. You will quickly clean them up. This causes quite a lot of trouble for some people. But with Italian artist Guilla Bernardelli, it is a creative sky. Famous Instagram artist Guilla Bernardelli is an artist who creates works of art from the leftovers. Her works are mainly from “poured coffee”.

Most people are afraid of coffee because they stick to clothes, because they stick very long and hard to clean. But this artist has turned the mess into a beautiful picture. Just in case she has a liquid spilled and a spoon or anything else, you can also make beautiful pictures.

Asked about her pre-calculation for the paintings, she said that: “completely improvisation.” She is completely creative based on what she thinks. It’s just improvisation that can give birth to the work attracted spectators.

So, inspired by nature, unlike many other creators who made things by coffee, Bernulia created works based on coffee. She arranges and pours coffee into new shapes, based on which to paint the pictures randomly.

Admire some of Guilla Bernardelli’s work:

tác phẩm từ cà phê đổ
tác phẩm từ cà phê đổ


thanh pho tu ca phe do
thành phố tạo nên từ cà phê đổ


trai dat
Trái đất


phong cảnh
phong cảnh


After admiring just a few works of art, it must be acknowledged that they are so beautiful. Unbelievable things that seem to leave that bring so much creativity to the artist. Not everyone can create something so admirable. This also proves that human creativity is endless.

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