Pride of Vietnamese people

Ca phe

Pride of Vietnamese people

Vietnam is a beautiful country, attracting not only in nature and people but also in the cuisine. Very casual dishes are “glorified” when they are selected by the heads of countries when they come to Vietnam


It’s no wonder that this is the first item on this list. For a long time, Pho has become the “national” food of Vietnam, especially with Hanoi people. Finding a noodle shop is not difficult at all when you are in the Capital. Familiar and popular Pho. Yet, pho has rocked the cuisine of the world. That’s why, “Pho” is a unique name that is mentioned a lot when foreign friends think of Vietnam.

During his visit to Vietnam during the presidency, Bill Clinton “did not care”  his specialized airforce and his bodyguard stood for more than an hour so he could enjoy two consecutive bowls of pho.

Tổng thống Obama và món Bún chả Hà NộiPresident Obama and Bun Cha Ha NoiBun cha

Another famous dish of Hanoi. This dish has conquered the former President Obama. When the most powerful head of state in the world, he enjoyed a delicious bowl of vermicelli like any Vietnamese. Although it was a bit embarrassing at the beginning, the appeal of bun cha made the US President call the second bowl. Especially when he seems very happy to enjoy Vietnamese vermicelli bowl. Have you ever enjoyed “Bun cha Obama?”

Coffee sidewalk

Recently, Canadian prime minister – Justin Trudeau on a trip to Vietnam stopped a sidewalk cafe in Saigon city. The handsome prime minister drank a cup of coffee with a price … less than 2 USD. Enjoy a cup of coffee for this head of state is really new and attractive.

Thu tuong Duc ben ly ca phe pha phin Viet Nam
German Prime Minister with Vietnamese coffee cup

These traditional phases were introduced to Vietnam by the French. With a small metal filter, each drop of distilled coffee falls. As a crystallization of the essence of heaven and earth. Spending time and effort to wait for a cup of coffee is also a pleasure, a unique feature.

Extremely simple, but sidewalk coffee has its own mark. Enjoying coffee while watching the streets of the streets crowded by people. Perhaps it was because this appealed to Canadian Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau.

The people who lead a great nation all see a new attraction from simple, close things. They enjoy them not because of the extravagance and luxury. Truth is what the Head of State sees in Vietnamese cuisine. So what are Vietnamese people proud of? We are living too fast to see only luxury, luxury and expensive. Slow down. Enjoy the taste of life through the simple things around you every day.

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