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Qua tang Trung thu

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an opportunity for people to gather together to give each other warm, heartfelt feelings. If the Mid-Autumn Festival of the young children is the brilliant lion dance performances, the night of the big jubilant, the middle-autumn festival of the adults is the gift of gratitude instead of the blessing.

Don’t worry about gifts for bosses and employees. Let Duong Cafe tell you.

Trung thu- Tron ven tinh than

Most businesses and companies want to build a beautiful image in the eyes of partners and customers. It is like creating a civilized and psychological cultural environment to connect employees together, to unite, cooperate and develop. During traditional festivals and the meaning of that is the Mid-Autumn Festival, the choice of gifts for employees is more focused. Give gifts to employees to cling to talented people, encourage working spirit. At the same time, affection for boss-employee affection, long-term emotional attachment. So how to choose gifts that are delicate, impressive, and satisfied employees? How do gifts for employees become unique?

Here are some suggestions for the best Mid-Autumn festival gift for employees.

  1. Excelsa coffee

For “connoisseurs” of coffee, nobody knows this type. Excelsa coffee has another name is Cherry coffee. In Vietnam, this coffee species is not popular. Because this breed is very “difficult” to the strange environment. Especially the care process is very hard. Moreover, it must be strictly ensured to retain the special flavor. Less and more are valued by customers. This is the product line that is extremely loved by business people. By charming taste, delicate fragrance. Is the product created from the sun and wind in the majestic Central Highlands.

Excelsa coffee is a combination of quality coffee beans in the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. Therefore, this coffee is very special, delicious and strange.

Ca phe Excelsa- Qua dac biet cho nhan vienExcelsa coffee beans are mixed in with tea and coffee when roasting to create a different flavor. Excelsa coffee suits European style, certain coffee addicts do not miss. More specifically, coffee excelsa is preserved with paper bags, hygienic and luxuriously pocketed. Suitable as gifts for partners and customers.

  1. Arabica coffee

This is a special type of coffee grown only in certain places in Vietnam. Arabica coffee has about 1-2% of caffeine content, lower than the coffee content of Robusta. This coffee is fragrant, has a longer grain and is currently loved by Western customers.

Arabica-ca phe danh cho gu phuong Tay

This coffee tastes sour. However, after drinking, it will turn to a bitter taste in the throat. Coffee juice is light brown, with an elegant fragrance. This type of coffee is processed by Duong Cafe in powder form. To make this type, you can use a filter or coffee grinder. This product is also used to make capuchino, iced milk coffee, special aroma.

The packaging is luxuriously designed and packed with hygienic paper. However, there is still an inner layer of silver to optimize the coffee to ensure the flavor remains.

  1. Moka coffee

Moka is a type of coffee belonging to Arabica genus, grown in Da Lat, Lam Dong. This is a relatively difficult type of coffee. This type is very difficult to grow, requires very meticulous care, requires high fertilization techniques. However, yields are lower. This is why in Vietnam, Moka is a rare and precious cafe, with a higher price than other products.

Moka-hoang hau trong vuong quoc ca phe

Moka is dubbed the queen in the cafe kingdom. Moka has a sour taste, ecstatic aroma for gourmets about coffee. And somewhere subtly seductive chocolate. If anyone has ever absorbed the taste of Moka will definitely “super heart” than any kind of coffee. This is the top ranking of European customers’ choice for coffee.

  1. Robusta coffee

If your staff is someone who has strong coffee taste, don’t miss this product. Robusta is a popular product. Robusta has 2-4% caffeine content, smaller seeds and more harsh taste than Arabica. In Vietnam, nearly 90% of coffee growing area is cultivated, especially in the Central Highlands, Buon Ma Thuot and Lam Dong. Currently, Vietnam is a Robusta exporter which is the world’s largest exporter.

Robusta- San pham hop cho phai manhRobusta coffee has a little harsh smell. The taste of Robusta expresses like oatmeal. Smelling Robusta coffee has not yet tasted a bit like fresh peanut. When roasted there will be a faint aroma, smelling well like the smell of rubber burned.

Like other coffees of Duong Cafe, Robusta is also carefully preserved through silver-coated packaging to avoid air entering.

5.Coffee Queen

Listening to the name is enough to see this “luxury” of her. The Queen is a completely new and extremely special coffee only available at Duong Cafe. It was crystallized from the unique coffee experience of Duong Cafe. Coffee Queen shows elegance and nobility. If there is a female employee, don’t forget to give this gift to the staff.

The Queen is a product of full taste: bitter, acrid, sweet. Once you open the package, you will be able to be super-hearted with me because the fragrance is extremely attractive.

Ca phe Nu hoang- Thich hop cho chi em

Coffee Queen is a combination of various quality, ripening coffees that are picked from the tree in Lam Dong plateau. Certainly will leave unforgettable impression in customers’ hearts. With Queen Coffee, you can directly dissolve 50-60ml without using a filter or blender. Save a lot of time, suitable for busy people, no long waiting time.

Those are suggestions of Duong Cafe. Hope to help you in choosing gifts for employees. Do not forget, Duong Cafe received a company logo on the packaging to create a unique gift for your company. Look forward to working with you.

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