Story of Bac Xiu (white coffee) special taste in love Part 2

Bac xiu hoa tan

I propose to you at a romantic Minh Khai cafe, my love and you call Bac Xiu love.

It is the person with whom you share everything in life, who loves you, loves you, understands you and trusts you. Being a person will not let you hurt even the smallest thing. A person can be the righteous way to care for you the way you want and wait.

Being a human being, even if him/her is far away from you in geographical distance, the mind is never far away but always towards you. Who is in every plan of the future has you. It is the person who makes you stop thinking about the past and always forward. It is the person who gives you a feeling of peace, when you are in your arms. You are protected and protected by that person, you are completely assured and safe. The things that once thought you could not have in your life, they will come to you and carring you.

Bac xiu hoa tan

Bac Xiu is a memory of me, when that person appears, you will really know and feel. You no longer have to be tired of choosing to listen to your heart or your mind, because at that time, they all tell you that you are on the right track, at this point, that is the person you are looking for.

I always like things:

“Spring to next summer. East to Autumn. Don’t be impatient to see other plants showing off flowers. Stay calm, silver coffee fuses the bridge. Take advantage of this quiet pause to foster yourself and students to discover what will happen. If you know how to think, the waiting period is never meaningless. Therefore, no matter how fast life can go, remember to spend time in your life waiting for it, not only waiting for the green light to come on, like waiting for ripe wine, then drinking … like waiting love comes and love .. ”

Therefore, believe that there is always one person for one person in this life, not sooner or later but in time. All you need to do is to live happily and take good care of yourself. The piece of your life will appear.


Silver Flavor dissolves (180g

Dương Cafe

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Instant coffee (20 Packs)
QUEEN (250g)
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