Story of Vietnamese coffee import and export

Huong vi ca phe Viet duoc danh gia cao

Story of Vietnamese coffee import and export

Although it is the world’s leading producer of exported coffee, every year, Vietnam has to import about 60,000 tons of processed coffee. This story has caused many controversies around the coffee production and processing industry of our country.

Ca phe Viet ra thi truong the gioi
Vietnamese coffee goes to the world market

Status of Vietnamese coffee exports

The report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that in 2017, Vietnam exported 1.4 million tons of coffee to the world market. With a total export value of US $ 3.2 billion. Thus, the agricultural sector has contributed a small part to the country’s GDP. However, like many other agricultural products of Vietnam. Coffee is still only being introduced to the world of raw products.

Currently, the largest value of the total export value is coffee beans. Then there is roasted coffee. And finally the finished coffee products. Local people are still using imported foreign coffee. In fact, the reports all indicate that Vietnam ranks second in the list of countries with the largest coffee export volume in the world. Every year, our country imports about 60,000 tons of processed coffee.

What’s more worth saying: Vietnamese coffee is delicious but Vietnamese people don’t enjoy it! 60,000 tons of imported Vietnamese coffee originated from Brazil, the US and China. There are many countries with lower coffee conditions. Such as: Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia … So it can be seen, our country is favored for coffee growing conditions. But still behind many countries in bringing their products to the world market.

Ca phe Viet chua co cho dung vung chac tren thi truong quoc te
Vietnamese coffee has not had a firm foothold in the international market

Export of raw coffee and processed coffee

The export value of raw coffee is many times lower than that of finished coffee. However, the investment in equipment and technology for coffee processing is very expensive. This makes many businesses do not meet the requirements. Most Vietnamese enterprises are small and medium enterprises. Farm size with low investment. It is impossible to supply finished coffee products of international quality and standards. This is the main reason why Vietnam exports mainly raw materials.

The investment in technology and modern and synchronous processing lines is a prerequisite to solve the above situation. This investment helps improve the value of coffee. Business value is also many times higher than before. Not only is it beneficial for businesses themselves, the direction to process finished coffee also helps promote domestic consumer goods. Vietnamese people will enjoy the coffee lines made by Vietnamese people. Create more income and internal resources for the economy itself. Domestic coffee exporters will also gain certain advantages on the negotiating table with international contracts.

Huong vi ca phe Viet duoc danh gia cao
Vietnamese coffee flavor is appreciated

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, currently there are more than 20 coffee processing plants across the country. The annual capacity of up to 75 thousand tons of instant coffee products. An effort worth noting for businesses with the government. From a raw coffee exporter, Vietnam ranks fifth among the largest instant coffee exporters in the world. Coffee processing industry makes an important contribution to the national budget.

Serving each different coffee market

As mentioned above, Vietnam imports coffee from a lot of countries to serve the domestic market. This shows that consumers’ tastes of coffee are varied. And there is considerable similarity with other countries in the world.

Mr. Pham Van Hoa, an international tourism business owner, said. He traveled to many cities and countries around the world. Every place he went to, he chose coffee there to enjoy. But nowhere is his favorite coffee like coffee in Lam Dong, Vietnam.

For a cafe owner, Ms. Nguyen Thu Huyen (Hanoi Old Town) said. “I always use Vietnamese coffee products at my shop. Not only because of the price and source availability. I chose Duong Cafe because I wanted to bring foreign visitors experiences only in my hometown when they came here. Coffee is a homeland specialty gift that I am proud of. ”

Phong cach thuong thuc ca phe Viet Nam rat doc dao
The style of enjoying Vietnamese coffee is very unique

International friends love Vietnamese coffee. Because of delicious coffee flavor. For art to enjoy unique coffee. This is a fact. Vietnamese coffee has attracted the attention of coffee lovers around the world. And Vietnamese coffee is always ready to meet the needs and tastes of users.

What criteria for coffee?

Smart customers are now interested in coffee standards. Pure, delicious and safe coffee. Two European standards are currently being applied by Vietnamese businesses: UTZ and BRC. With the formula “From Farm To Table”, domestic consumers will be able to use quality coffee products. Coffee has international standards right in the Vietnamese market.

Duong Cafe – Essence of Vietnamese coffee

As one of Vietnamese enterprises pursuing these values, Duong Cafe will be the first choice for hobbies, health and values ​​that customers receive. With modern technology lines, applying European standards to the production process, Duong Cafe’s products fully meet customers’ requirements and tastes.

Cac san pham cua Duong Cafe da co mat tai khap ca nuoc
The products of Duong Cafe are available all over the country

Mr. Le Anh Viet (Hanoi) shared with us his hobby of coffee. “Every morning I use a cup of instant coffee before I go to work. Just make your mind alert and satisfied when you drink your favorite drink. I used to drink many Vietnamese coffee lines. Finally, I chose Black Coffee from Duong Cafe. Strong coffee, bold but easy to drink.

In addition to serving the domestic market, currently Duong Cafe’s coffee products are being promoted to the international market. Including Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, America … Mink Coffee is one of Duong Cafe’s products being loved by international friends. Kopi Luwak Mink Coffee and Weasel Mink Coffee are all available in international markets. With a commitment to 100% pure mink coffee, is a great gift for our customers.

Coffee gift set of plush mink

Ca phe Chon - Bo Qua tang Ca phe Chon Dang cap


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