Strange thing you do not know?

Black coffee or brown coffee are famous drinks. But do you know that there is a transparent coffee on the market now. This coffee is confirmed by the manufacturer as the “first in the world” product, containing pure coffee, almost colorless.

David and Adam Nagy, two Slovak brothers, spent three months studying and claiming that their transparent coffee was made from a formula that had never been used before and kept secret.

David and Nagy founded a coffee brand called Clear Coffee. They say this is the first colorless coffee drink in the world. These coffee bottles are made from high quality Arabica coffee, pure water and no flavorings, coloring or preservatives.

Its flavor is similar to Cold Brew coffee, which is made by soaking coffee powder directly in cold water. Some others say it is like pouring cold water, extreme dilution of what is left of regular coffee filter.

And now if coffee falls on a shirt that used to be a nightmare, you don’t need to worry too much, if you drink transparent coffee like water.

If you want to enjoy this new kind of coffee, you have to fly all the way to England. The Clear Coffee bottles only appear in some coffee shops and retail stores here. The price of a 5-cylinder block is £ 14.99, equivalent to nearly VND 430,000.

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