Strict process of producing special mink coffee


Strict process of producing special mink coffee

The most expensive, expensive drink on the planet, and always loved by many customers. So what is the special process of producing mink coffee? Is it clean and quality guaranteed? Let’s find out.

Cafe weasel – great product of nature

  • Weasel coffee was born as a result of combining and arranging by chance but extremely clever of nature. To understand this, let’s go back to the past to understand the birth of this particular coffee line.
  • In the early 18th century, the Indonesian islands were colonies of the Netherlands, the Dutch landlords planted and developed coffee plantations. Due to the climate and good fertilization regime, coffee trees are growing, the size of plantations is increasing. In the season, ripe coffee looks red in an area.
  • On these islands, there is a weasel that lives. With a long nose and growing sense of smell, they can smell the smell of ripe coffee. Every night, weasel sneaks into the farms, picking the most ripe, most delicious berries to eat. This is one of the dishes they love so much. But they are also very “cocoon”, because not every ripe fruit is eaten. Ferrets only choose to eat the most delicious ripe seeds, the seeds are not deep, scratched or plastic.
  • The weasel shoots the shell and only eats the fruits and nuts. In the weasel stomach only digest the flesh, and the coffee beans are wrapped inside the rice husk, due to undigested, it will be pushed out. Coffee planters often ignore these coffee beans.
Cà phê chồn
Mink coffee
  • At that time, coffee was a very expensive slag, only for the upper class, so the plantation workers or ordinary people hardly used the drink from the farms that they cultivated. . So when they saw ferrets and pushed out coffee beans, they came up with the idea of ​​using this kind of seed. They split seeds, washed them and processed them into a rustic drink for everyone.
  • But unexpectedly, these collected coffee beans bring a very delicious flavor, a different flavor than regular coffee. And since then, it is because of this special flavor that weasel coffee becomes a popular drink, including planters. But because of the scarcity, this product is extremely expensive, many people consider it a luxury drink, only for the elite.
  • Thus, this special product was born as an arrangement and a very clever combination of creation. From the coincidence that created the most expensive drink on the planet, anyone who tasted it was passionate.

The process of producing mink coffee

  • Famous for being delicious and expensive, but some customers will wonder whether this product is guaranteed food safety or not. But diners can be completely assured by the following manufacturing process.
  • Ferrets eat coffee beans, and 4 to 5 hours later, coffee beans will be pushed outside, the seeds are still wrapped in rice husk. Within 24 hours, people will quickly collect these coffee bars, dry them in the sun or dry them, avoid ants and insects from entering the seeds, and coffee is not black, affecting the quality .
  • After being treated, coffee bars will be flushed under clean water, flowing smoothly to clean the standard, bacteria. After that, coffee is dried and dried under moderate temperature to ensure that the beans are properly fermented and ensure the best quality.
  • The feats of the processing of this product also come from the coffee beans will be taken to the sun in the morning for many weeks, drying until the outer husk peels off. And now, the standard coffee beans will have a very special light color. At some well-known firms, coffee was brought to the earth in 343 days, leaving the rice husk outside to decay. This explains why this product is so expensive.
Quy trình sản xuất cà phê chồn
The process of producing mink coffee
  • After the earthling or sun drying process, coffee beans are roasted. And this is the most important stage, deciding the quality and delicious taste of this special coffee line.
  • Coffee beans will be sorted, then put in a pan, put on a fire with a charcoal or wood stove. The temperature in the roasting pan is very high, always ensuring about 230-240 degrees Celsius.
  • After a few dozen minutes of roasting, coffee beans have changed from light to glossy brown. Under high temperatures, all microorganisms are destroyed, coffee beans radiate passionate flavor.
  • When reaching the required maturity, the beans are poured quickly from the pan to avoid fire and metamorphosis. After that, the finished coffee beans will be packed into vacuum bags to ensure that the original taste is as good as the newly roasted.

Processing or preserving coffee beans is more airtight, the quality of products is kept longer and more delicious. Come to our company for free advice, admire and select quality and prestigious coffee products.


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