Strictly Weasel Coffee Production Process

Currently, there are many types of weasel coffee on the market. To choose a good and standard product requires many factors when making a product. Through the process of understanding, constructing suggestions from mink farming experts and the secrets of each mink farm in the territory of Vietnam. From Dalat, Lam Dong  to Quoc Khanh weasel farm, Dak Lak, we have now agreed and launched a line of products named weasel coffee Duong Cafe.

Chon se chon an nhung qua ca phe ngon nhat

We raise weasel on these farms, where coffee is collected from gardens, 1500ha coffee farms. Coffee for mink is very special, from collection to production.

First, with their sharp sense of smell, the weasel will choose to eat the best berries of the most ripe fruits, without the bite of insects, no unusual smell or traces. Normally, only about 20% of the paid coffee beans will be chosen to eat. Each weasel in a healthy state consumes only about 200 grams of coffee per day.

phan chon duoc thai ra ngoai, ngay lap tuc duoc thu luom

After 4 hours of biochemical process in the intestine, weasel feces are discharged, immediately collected and dried under sunlight. Next, the farmers separated coffee beans from the weasel feces, rub lightly to peel the husk. The paddy is removed by wind.

Ca phe duoc rua sach truoc khi xay
Coffee is washed before grinding

Next, the beans are soaked, scrub, and pour through the strong flow to remove dirt and silk.

Completing this process, green coffee is light green, harder than normal.

Ca phe nhan co mau xanh nhat

Weasel coffee needs to be roasted manually with light to medium roasting colors to retain its distinctive flavor.

After completing the product, the coffee is preserved, packaged vacuum and put into the coffee box. Duong cafe weasel coffee box – A box that is thought and researched by leading experts, calculating a beautiful and luxurious coffee box. But there is a difference in the quality of coffee and more unique by the yellow filter in the box – creating convenience when you are in a family without a blender or a mixer or the partner is awarded an international guest – a problem when brewing coffee without a machine or mixing device.

Ca phe chon can duoc rang thu cong voi mau rang tu sang den trung binh de giu duoc huong vi dac trung.

Another unique product not to be missed, is the weasel coffee product. Be safe and ensure the absolute taste – create a kind of weasel coffee in the right sense of heaven and earth.

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