Syphon coffee blending style: The combination of science and art

Currently in the flourishing cafes the trend for guests to experience the most unique blending styles in the world instead of being prepared by the barista. One of them is the style of blending with Syphon coffee. So, what is Syphon? Where does it come from and how unique is it? Why say this is a combination of science and art? Let’s find Duong Cafe now!

Ca phe Syphon
 Syphon coffee

Origin style brewed with Syphon coffee

Syphon is a coffee mixing tool invented around the 1840s by a French housewife and a Scottish maritime engineer. But according to many other sources, it is believed that this style originated in Germany. But then introduced and Japan since the 1950s and growing stronger. The Japanese have transformed to create this wonderful and unique coffee art.

This type of coffee has been introduced into Vietnam and attracted a lot of interest from the coffee lovers. The cafes did not miss this opportunity to attract more customers.

Principle of operation

Syphon operates based on reverse osmosis principle. Water is heated in a container until boiling. When the boiling water will be pushed up above the above coffee container, the water soaked through the fine powder coffee. In this process, the maker needs to stir up the coffee in the water until the water rises. After that, turn off the alcohol lamp, coffee will penetrate back to the original glass jar. At the end of this process, we were able to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a different flavor than normal.

The difference from the selection stage, coffee roaster

Unlike any other type of coffee, Syphon coffee uses moderately roasted coffee beans. Even roasted at temperatures much lower than normal standards. Thanks to this special formula, the delicate flavor of coffee beans is preserved. Thanks to that, the coffee is not infected with the smell of bad smell and toxic by roasting too much. Coffee needs to be pounded or ground into a very fine powder. The fineness of coffee powder at this stage will greatly affect the reverse osmosis process in the preparation tool.

Experience of all senses

Observe coffee and food from Siphon to awaken all your senses. Your data, data and software are part of each other. You can find the difference You smell the fresh and pure aroma of coffee. You touch and move the pots. Nam is not one of two people and an amateur bartender but likes coffee.

Preparing coffee with Sulfon is one of the delicious food. Then we eat and keep the heat. Because the software’s direct heat source, Siphon’s software is very hot, so the bartender is a reward for eating. Beets are not coffee or coffee for water. Our hardware, software hardware, time of rest, …

Master the style of brewing coffee with Syphon

If you want to experience the process of making your own coffee with Syphon without wanting to go out. So please shop for yourself the Syphon flask and follow the steps below. It is not really complicated, and it will be great when you can give yourself a cup of delicious coffee. It is even more interesting when it is done and observes the whole process of unique concoction. The image of the amount of water in the bottle is pushed upwards and absorbed again again is definitely an extremely interesting image.

Lam chu phong cach pha che ca phe Syphon
Master the style of mixing Syphon coffee

First, use boiling water to soak the coffee filter for about 5 minutes and then put it neatly into the funnel.

Then gently pour boiling water into the bottom sphere container. The amount of water that depends on the volume of the tank is the amount of coffee you want to use.

Pour smooth coffee powder and hopper containing. Insert the funnel into the spherical container. Place a small fire under the spherical container to boil water. Here you can use a small alcohol stove to heat. When boiling, the water rises upwards on the funnel, mix into the amount of coffee available.

Use chopsticks or stirring tools (preferably bamboo chopsticks). Stir constantly to blend the coffee into the water. Then turn off the stove, wait for the coffee to flow back into the container.

Just wait until the coffee flows all the way down to the container, so you’ve finished a work of art.

The fragrance is strong and pure

Coffee mixed with Syphon when enjoying can add sugar or not. Taste when drinking more diluted than when mixed with phin. Even so, coffee cup still retains its characteristic flavors.


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