Tea or coffee, which is perfect pairs as gifts with mooncakes?

ca phe va tra xanh

Another Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. Are you still wondering what gifts to give to family members? People take a few minutes to read this article, Duong Cafe will help you choose meaningful gifts.

Tet Trung Thu
Mid-autumn Festival


Mid-Autumn Festival is an occasion where children who are away from home, however busy, always try to come back to reunite with their families. To eat meals together, members join the moon, break the deck.

And certainly, Mooncakes will be the first choice to make a gift. Because in any tray is also indispensable moon cake. With the message “gather together and being happy”, the moon cake helps to convey your interest and love to people in the most perfect way.


There will be nothing more wonderful than sitting sipping a cup of tea with a cake, watching the moon with your family. If the moon cake is sweet, contains lots of energy and fat, green tea has a bitter taste, which helps to balance the taste when eating cakes and tea. Hot green tea without sugar also helps the body easily digest new protein intake.


The Coffee

ca phe chon

If mooncakes – tea is considered a perfect couple, so what about coffee? This combination may sound strange, but it won’t cost you if you try. In the warm atmosphere, people sit around the tray to enjoy moon cakes. Bite a small piece of cake, feel the sweetness of the tongue and swallow.

Then, take a small sip of coffee. Immediately, the bitter taste of coffee will ease the previous sweetness of moon cake. If the tea has a bitter taste, the coffee has a milder taste. If you have a sweet taste, then you will feel a little sour, then a mild sweetness combined with the fat taste. It all combined to create a drink – the mooncake of a perfect moon cake is just as good as tea.

Mooncakes – Coffee: New combination

A gift box combining both cake and coffee will be a new gift, and it has just been given to the members. Under the bright full moon are the children laughing. The lanterns are full of colors that are lit throughout small alleys. Hot cup of coffee radiates a faint aroma combined with the sweet taste of Mooncake. The wonderful combination blends into every story that family members share with each other. The scene was warm and peaceful.

Banh Trung Thu - Ca phe, ban cap hoan hao
Mooncake – Coffee, perfect pair

When you have read all this article, surely in your mind you have made your own choices? Whether the choice is tea or coffee, these gifts are extremely meaningful. All of them contribute to creating an unforgettable taste in the day of the union members, helping family affection to become more attached.

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