The cake use with coffee

cac loai banh dung voi ca phe

The cake use with coffee

Today, the trend of cake when enjoying coffee or hot tea is no longer strange. These dishes not only enhance the taste of the drink but also help you enjoy more. Coffee breaks with friends will not be monotonous when the menu has only drinks.
Not only does it offer great culinary experiences, it also lets kids check-in, chat with friends without having to worry about hunger. Here is a list of cakes that you must definitely enjoy:



Topping the list of favorite dishes is Tiramisu. This is a medium sweet cake, the aroma of cocoa mixed with wine mixed with each other. So the cake has a light taste with a bit of strong breath. Light sweetness combined with the bitter taste of coffee makes the cake more delicious.

Today, in most coffee shop, there are cakes. This is the first choice of every customer.

Mousse cake

In the cakes shared with coffee can not not mention the famous Mousse cake. This cool, smooth cake is used in many cafes. Variety of flavors and varieties should meet many different customers. One of the reasons that cake is popular is the eye-catching with many attractive colors.


Small, lovely cookies are the kind of cake that people love when going to a coffee shop. Cakes are small, not too sweet and the aroma of butter, milk. Due to the small cake should be able to dip into the coffee cup. This is also a hobby of many people to enhance the taste of coffee. Cakes are also quite easy to make and do very quickly, more preserved longer so the cafe owner would love to do this type of cake.


People like Macaron as princess. Because this cake is just beautiful sweet. This cake comes from France – a country of romance and beauty. The cake is light and the inside is extremely soft. People often use macaron and coffee to balance its sweetness. Cake is very beautiful so young people choose, just to eat, just to check in, take pictures.

Muffins and cupcakes

These two cakes are different but have similar looks. The size of these two cakes are similar. If the cupcake has soft cream like cotton on the cake surface, the muffin is simple and has a high fineness. This cake comes from Europe, is present in many cafes in Viet Nam. This combination will create many new diners.

Chocolate tart

It is not to mention chocolate cake. The cake is sweet and fragrant. Taste of chocolate blended with coffee will definitely bring a memorable experience for customers.

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