The cup of weasel coffee and the importance of life

The cup of weasel coffee and the importance of life

A group of friends studied together in high school, then went to the city to study college. When they graduate, they are sticking to the city. After many years of striving, each person has certain successes in economics or social status … They are always passionate about their efforts, sometimes meeting and telling about the achievements and wealth they have.

One day, the group of friends invited each other to visit the old teacher. He now looks much older but his eyes are still affectionate. Meeting again, the teacher and the teacher confided, repeating the memories of school time. Then you together recount the achievements that you have achieved. The conversation was fun. Suddenly the teacher looked at his former students carefully, still the affectionate eyes, then the teacher asked:

Are you happy?

The whole group looked at each other, then looked at their respected teacher. They start complaining about the pressures and stresses in life and work.

The person who attentively listened attentively, then said:

Let’s have coffee!

He went into the house to prepare, after a while he brought out a coffee pot, along with many cups. The smell of coffee weasels emanates fragrant passion. The strange thing is that the cups look quite different, with enough plastic materials, porcelain, glass, crystal … There is a cup that looks very sophisticated, expensive and luxurious, but it looks very simple. and cheap. There is a very nice look, but there are some that look quite old.


Ca phe Chon weasel
Mink Coffee weasel

Then the teacher invited his students to take their own cups and pour coffee. Normally, every student chooses the most beautiful and luxurious cups, no one wants to take the simple and cheap cup.

When everyone had a cup of coffee in hand, the teacher slowly said:

Now they all see, each of them will choose for themselves first the most beautiful, most expensive and most luxurious cups. No one wants to choose simple and cheap looking cups. It is also normal because human psychology always wants the most beautiful, best and shimmering things. But the teacher wants to ask you, what do we really need here? Coffee or cup

All students after a few seconds of reflections all responded:

Yes, the important thing here is coffee!

Yes, what we want here is coffee, not separation. The taste of mink coffee is very delicious, but the children pay more attention to the cup, and intend to choose for themselves the best cups, then sometimes look to the cup of friends next to them for comparison. And this is also the cause of stress and pressure in our lives. The teacher affectionately explains. And now let’s focus on enjoying the fascinating taste of any weasel coffee

In life,we must to know what is most important, what really makes us happy, but not the flashy things outside. And don’t be compared with other people either, because each of us is a difference.

It is the most important thing right now, like kopi weasel cup, so please concentrate on enjoying it when it is hot, because it will no longer be delicious. Please cherish the present, enjoy every moment you have and keep trying.

This is like when we are wearing a dress, many people only notice whether the dress is trendy, looks luxurious, but forgets the most essential thing is comfort and nature with oneself. when wearing it.

Or as many people run after flashy things outside, patting their chests assert that they have a lot of friends, then their friends are all those other officials or how rich. That friends play together is all about luxury restaurants. But when I was sick or had a chance to miss a car, I was startled to see if there were still some friends who could remember
Cà phê giúp giải tỏa căng thẳng
Coffee helps relieve stress

In love, too, many things outside look flashy but not necessarily beautiful. Only outside makes many people say that my boyfriend, that girlfriend is a good thing, both beautiful and rich, taking it will definitely be happy. But happiness or suffering only insiders understand best. He was rich but he found out that he was a miserable patriarch. She was beautiful but behaved very proudly with her mother. Such a person is a good child, and is the ideal mate as everyone says.

Only with cups of coffee, the teacher helped his students realize what is the meaning of life.

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