The “golden” time for drinking coffee

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The “golden” time for drinking coffee 

Coffee is a great drink for good health. But in order to maximize the benefits of coffee, you need to pay regular coffee. So, what is the best time to drink coffee?

At different times of the day, the body will react differently to coffee. Knowing the appropriate time to drink coffee along with the amount of coffee to drink in a day will be useful health experience.

Uống cà phê lúc nào thì tốt nhất

Drinking coffee in the morning

Starting a new day with coffee is the habit of many people. And this is also a good habit. Then, your body will absorb better than the substance in coffee. The fastest increase in alertness, flexibility of body and mind comfort. You are required to note, that is not drinking coffee too soon. Just waking, the organs in the body need time to stabilize. Drinking coffee at this time makes you feel restless, anxious and difficult to concentrate. Before a meal that uses a cup of coffee is also harmful to your stomach.

So, the best time to have coffee in the morning is after breakfast: from 9am to 11am. This is also the time many people have started work, or are working. And they need a sober, relaxing refreshment and the best feeling for a day’s work.

Drinking coffee in the afternoon

In the afternoon, with the time from after lunch break until you’re done. Many studies have shown that coffee promotes the digestive system to function effectively. The body digests food and absorbs nutrients better. The appropriate time to enjoy an afternoon coffee should be after a 30-minute meal or before work. Drinking coffee before and after meals is bad for your taste and digestive system. Iron is easily absorbed in food because of coffee, causing anemia.

Drinking coffee before work is wonderful. Coffee prevents fatigue and sluggishness. When after lunch break, you need a drink to awaken your brain and body to continue to work.

Drinking coffee before exercising

Coffee promotes metabolism during movement. Burning fat effectively. And increasing flexibility, toughness for you to complete your workout goals are positive things that you can notice. Before exercising for 30 minutes, you should use coffee. Your training may take place in the morning or in the evening. But drink before you work out. In the morning, exercises usually take place when you have not had breakfast. And remember the first note mentioned in the article, this is not to drink coffee before eating.

A cup of coffee can keep you awake for 4 hours. However, you should not be too dependent on coffee when you are tired. The advice of the doctor for you is to drink 1-2 cups a day. And up to 4 cups of coffee. Taking more than 4 cups, causing the body to absorb excess caffeine, bad impact on health.

Hopefully with this article, Duong Cafe has “pocket” for you the “golden frame” suitable for you to enjoy your favorite coffee.


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