The main value of The coffee house

The coffee house

“Eating well, wearing warm” is no longer the concept used today. The quality of food or price is only part of your success. Today, customers are interested in many other things. The Coffee House can be seen as a good example of this success. Join Duong Cafe to find out what makes their success!

Focus from image stitching

Images will always come into mind on customers faster. Therefore, the coffee house elaborates from the smallest things of the photo. Moreover, social networking is very strong in Vietnam. Therefore, the road to customers is getting easier. Each picture posted on social networks is considered as coffee cups by them, “quality” from content to form.

Sophistication from the smallest things

In technology age 4.0, smart devices are indispensable things for everyone. To any restaurant, customers always choose the nearest electrical outlet. Because they simply do not want to interrupt their work and save the most time.

However, in fact, there are not many shops that meet this very small demand of customers. But coming to the coffee house you will absolutely not have to worry about this. A beautiful, hidden, beautiful view table with real power outlet is not difficult to find here. You can freely use it without being “chased” by the staff. What’s more wonderful when you enjoy your favorite drinks, but you can sit and work for hours like that. Some people even joke that in hot sunny days, coming to the coffee house is not hot.

It is said that the company culture is also expressed in very small and polite things. Employees do not show too gimmicky but they are trained to build into habits. Such as very small actions like pouring water. There is no need to wait until prompted, but the staff is always careful to observe customer activity and automatically refill the filter when the glass is empty. This has many times made people come here to enjoy these simple things.

Not only that, the toilet is always clean, carefully cleaned is also a plus point of The Coffee House. Toilets are also one of the factors that help customers evaluate their satisfaction.

Ứng dụng thông minh

Work with all heart

Business with “heart” is always beloved by customers. But not every store can do it. The best evidence of this comes from the stories of customers sharing or customer feedback.

There are customers who have shared like this: “Although the house is a bit far away, when I come here I feel like I am sitting at my house. Everything here is very satisfying. ”

Many situations happen unexpectedly. Once someone told me: “I was drinking a cappuccino, because I carelessly spilled it on the table and went to the floor. The staff here quickly cleaned and replaced me another glass. ”

It can be seen that The Coffee House is building the image of a polite and friendly brand as the direction of many leading brands in the world today. Vietnamese people often rarely thank or apologize.

But it is not, when it comes to the coffee house, you will see that this is a very normal thing and comes from their hearts. They are unobtrusive and always delicate in their words. Maybe they show through action. A cake or a cup of tea instead of an apology. It is these small things that have left a very strong impression on customers.

Build Mobile App in a smart way

You at home?? You do not have time to shop? Or billions of reasons customers. But you still want a drink. But just a phone, you have the drink you want. In the age of technology 4.0 and the general trend of the market, most stores create their own application (App) on mobile phones.

However, many stores were not successful with this strategy. Most customers leave the App after a few uses because it is not attractive enough and does not bring the benefits they need. But The Coffee House wrote another story.


The creation of The Coffee House application on mobile phones is not only to “give” but this is a channel that brings quite a lot of revenue to the store. Vietnamese people always like to discount, always like promotions, so the store is also very sensitive when it comes to attractive promotions. Both improving efficiency and categorizing many customers. Each customer transaction will earn points.


After accumulating 20 points, customers are awarded 1 free water and 10% discount for close customers. Not like to set how many points are also effective. The number of 20, whether or not too large, creates motivation for customers to try to achieve their goals. Obviously, to achieve, customers will have to go to the store more often. This also means that your store will have stable sales and loyal customers from here.

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contact us:

address: 107C Minh Khai, Phường Minh Khai, Quận Hai Bà Trưng, TP.Hà Nội
Hotline: 0912 104 901
Email: duongtamthanh@gmail.com   –  info@duongcafe.com

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