The most unique coffee drinks in the world

Nhung thuc uong ca phe doc nhat vo nhi nhat the gioi

Have you ever thought about coffee mixed with tea, tonic, butter or cheese?

Don’t be surprised, because these coffees are completely real.

They are even considered specialties.

The most unique coffee drinks in the world.

Egg coffee:

Ca phe trung

As the previous post, Duong Cafe introduced Hanoi egg coffee

The drink consists of egg yolk mixture that has been beaten with condensed milk until it is made into cream. Then this synergy is poured onto a hot Vietnamese coffee. Those who have tried this egg coffee are fascinated to comment: “This is the liquid form of Tiramisu sweet cake.”

Tonic coffee

Ca phe thuoc bo

This is a special coffee in Sweden that combines two things that seem to be nothing to eat with each other. How to make a cup of tonic coffee? Very simply, just prepare 1 cup of Espresso and 1 cup of tonic. This is indeed a creative combination, to energize the enjoy.

Cheese coffee

Ca phe pho mai

The blend of cheese and coffee has created a “magic” drink called: Kaffeost. This is a strong drink with a characteristic taste of Finnish and Swedish people. Accordingly, people will soak a fresh piece of Leipajuusto cheese made from the milk of the newly born cow in the coffee, enjoy the noble.

Sea salt coffee

Ca phe muoi bien

This is how to make Taiwanese coffee. People choose the salt with natural minerals to put in cream and bring it to the frozen. The mixture will be scooped into a steaming cup of hot coffee. When drinking, diners can feel the salty taste stimulated at the tip of the tongue. Accompanied by the fat taste of butter, it makes it blend with the bitterness of coffee to make you feel great.

Lemon coffee

Cà phê chanh

When you have lemon and coffee in hand, you can make yourself a cup of Espreesso Romano, like “coffee believers” at the idea of ​​making. Simply put a cup of coffee, and drop it into a lemon slice and don’t forget to rub the lime on the rim. Then lift the scent glass and sip the strange coffee.

Tim Tam Slam Coffee

Ca phe Tim Tam Slam

Tim Tam Slam is a coffee created in Australia. Diners will use Tim Tam cake (a kind of chocolate ice cream cake), dipped in a cup of coffee and used as a straw. When smoking hot coffee through Tim Tam, the structure of cake and ice cream “collapses”, blending with coffee to create more flavor inside the palate.

Coffee with milk tea

Ca phe tra sua

Whenever you can’t decide between drinking coffee or milk, go to Duong Cafe and enjoy a glass of Yuan Yang. This is a combination of 3 ingredients including coffee with black tea and milk. Prepared by an appropriate dose will bring an unforgettable impression.

Cold nitrogen coffee

Ca phe Nito lanh

A drink that is considered smooth with a mild sweetness. It is like a beer and bubbly. As for the cup of black coffee with ice cream and little sugar added, it does not contain any sugar or milk but only cold coffee combined with nitrogen.

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