The process of producing weasel coffee

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The process of producing weasel coffee

About coffee weasel sure everyone knows about this coffee. The type of coffee that the whole world has named is the most expensive coffee in the world, with very little production. And the value of taste and enjoyment is unimaginable.

Vietnam is one of 4 countries favoring the natural conditions of the coffee line to bring back favorable conditions to produce this class of coffee.

Let’s join Duong Cafe Company to see which strict production processes.

Weasel is an animal that was born to have a sense of smell, so picky fussyness is something everyone understands. Ferrets will choose good, ripe enough coffee fruit with no unusual smell or invasion.

On average, a strongly weasel will eat up and consume about 200 milligrams of coffee a day.

Weasel coffee production process:

The first is ferrets eating ripe coffee fruits

After about 12 hours after swallowing, they will produce coffee beans when it is ingested.

Then the farmers dry

Bring the field to peel off the outer shell, then dry again

Then wash off to form green seeds

Then coffee beans are roasted and dried, then processed according to customer requirements.

The process is ensured safety, does not affect the health of weasel, hygiene and sterilization of coffee beans.

Explain the process clearly

Over a period of about 4 hours, the biochemical process of weasel coffee is discharged, the production staff will harvest and dry out in natural sunlight.

Then the staff of Duong Cafe will remove the coffee shell from the seed, the shell will be removed by the machine with the wind retaining the grain.

After being soaked in water, the seeds are hardened with clean water, to remove dirt, and then put them into disinfection and drying.

Ca phe chon qua doi tac

The coffee bean is light green, and hard. Weasel coffee is roasted by computer controlled machine with automatic temperature control technology. So coffee retains its distinctive flavor.

Through the long production process to the user is a hard and thorough step. At present, Duong Cafe Co., Ltd. has launched a premium weasel coffee product line. There are gift boxes for quality. Duong Cafe is proud to be the leading producer of weasel coffee in Vietnam and the world export.

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