The production process of luwak coffee 

Chon se chon an nhung qua ca phe ngon nhat

The production process of luwak coffee 

About luwak coffee sure everyone knows about this coffee. Coffee is the world’s most expensive coffee, with very little production. And the value of taste and enjoyment is utopian.

Vietnam is one of the four countries in favor of luwak coffee that has natural conditions to offer the advantages to produce this class of coffee.

Let Duong Coffee see the rigorous production process !

Cannabis is a creature that is born to have a super-sensitive sense of smell, so picky eating is something everyone understands. Luwak will choose the type of coffee is good enough, ripe, no odor or unusual damage.

On average, every active healthy mink eaten and consumes about two cups of coffee a day.

Ca phe chon dat nhat the gioi

Production process of mink coffee:

The first is the mug of coffee

After about 12 hours after swallowing, they will produce coffee beans when they are eaten indigestible.

The farmer then dried

Bring to peel the outer shell, then dry again

Then rinse the green seeds

Then the beans are dried and dried, then processed according to customer requirements.

The process is safe, does not affect luwak health, sterilization of coffee beans.

Explain the process

Over a period of about 4 hours, mulch coffee biochemistry is discharged, the production staff will harvest and dry in the sunlight naturally.

Then the staff of Duong Cafe will remove the coffee peel off the seed, the shell will be removed by the wind machine to retain the grain.

The seeds are soaked in water and then rinsed in water to remove dirt and then to be sterilized and dried.

Coffee beans are light green, and hard. Luwak coffee is roasted by machine controlled by computer technology automatically temperature control. As the coffee taste is characteristic.

It is a long and hard process to reach the end user. Found in Duong Coffee has launched the line of high quality luwak coffee. There are gift boxes to quality. Duong Cafe is proud of being the leading producer of Vietnamese luwak coffee and export.


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