The reason you should take a luwak coffee

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The reason you should take a luwak coffee

For those who connoisse and love coffee, luwak coffee is not a strange name. Not only delicious taste, but the production process of luwak coffee is quite complex but extremely interesting. So luwak coffee has something special, let’s take a look at Duong Cafe and enjoy it!

Cà pho chon Duong Cafe
Cà phê chồn Dương Cafe

Appears very early

It is a classy coffee but luwak coffee appears quite long. As before, when coffee is a luxury drink in France, farmers do not have the opportunity to enjoy the coffee beans themselves. Therefore, they have to drink coffee beans from feces. Especially, when drinking this coffee, they find extremely special and different from other types of coffee. The beans are considered to have a good taste. Since then, luwak coffee came into being and dominated the coffee market in particular and the world in general.

Production process

So how is the luwak coffee produced? To produce luwak coffee takes a lot of time with rather complicated production processes

Weasel is considered the most intelligent animals, it only selects the coffee beans are particularly delicious, fragrant and insect-free. Normally only 20% of the quality bean seeds are selected and eaten. Weasel digestes the coffee pods, and coffee beans come out with the feces. Within 24 hours, faeces containing coffee are collected and exposed to the sun to limit the impact of insects that affect the quality of the coffee. Then, the farmers will perform the separation of luwak feces from the coffee by lightly scraping to peel the paddy, then use the wind to remove the crust.

Ca phe chon thom ngon
Cà phê chồn thơm ngon

The next step is to flush the coffee through the flow of water to completely remove the impurities and bacteria in the coffee. Once again coffee is exposed to the sun to create the best taste. Quality beans are light-colored seeds, and when they drink, they taste better.

Ripening coffee is also an important stage to create the delicious taste of coffee. If the roaster is not the correct temperature and technique, the fragrance also flew with the same smoke. No matter how good the coffee is, the roasting process does not produce the same product as the regular coffee. Fire just enough, roasted to the secret coffee roasted coffee success.

Special taste of luwak coffee at Duong Cafe

Unlike ordinary coffee, mink coffee has a very unique flavor, completely different. When you enjoy you will feel the mild taste of coffee, moderate coffee taste, not too bitter. After enjoying, the coffee will stay in your mouth, you will see the sweetness in the throat. This is the typical flavor of luwak coffee that other types of coffee do not have.

cà phê chồn tại Dương Cafe
cà phê chồn tại Dương Cafe

Will be more coffee when you drink luwak coffee without sugar, and accompanied by a cup of filtered water. Only with this way, you can feel the distinctive taste, distinction of this coffee. The taste of this coffee is so special that it only smells that you have noticed and can not resist its appeal. When you drink luwak coffee, at first you will feel the fragrant aroma of ripe fruit, then the smell of coffee with attractive chocolate. Those who enjoy this coffee will never forget the taste.

With delicious taste, attractive, luwak coffee has been conquering many coffee devotees, especially coffee connoisseurs. Enjoy a mug coffee for you to have a good working day and quality!

Come to Duong Cafe to enjoy the best luwak coffee, the best!

Duong Cafe always committed to bring the coffee pure, unique and extremely delicious.


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