The Saigon people enjoy coffee “difference” compared to Hanoi people

The Saigon people enjoy coffee “difference” compared to Hanoi people

The same coffee but Saigon and Hanoi have different ways of enjoying. Each place shows culture as well as different tastes of enjoyment.

Different names

bạc xỉu

If in Hanoi, people often drink coffee often brown coffee. It is a kind of coffee with solid milk, without ice and very charming.

When entering a coffee shop in Saigon, want to drink a cup of coffee with a little milk, it is definitely a coffee with iced milk and silver. These two types have different levels of lightness but are paler than those of Hanoi. The saying “Saigon-iced coffee” has been associated with Saigon people.


In Saigon, coffee is for all ages. Anyone, the catch phrase is “coffee”. With a nod, the cup of coffee became a connection between people.

In Hanoi, coffee is still a popular drink but not everyone chooses coffee in meetings and exchanges. Often people who have an appointment, want to find a polite place to talk about business, they only use coffee. If it is a popular meeting, people call for a more traditional drink. It is iced tea.

Time to drink coffee

In each place there are different times to make friends with coffee. Saigon is bustling and doesn’t seem to sleep every night. In Hanoi, every night is still quiet, sinking into sleep.

Saigon people drink coffee a lot. Every morning they sipped a morning coffee and a hot newspaper on the curb. But sometimes, they choose at night to indulge in the space and admire the city at night.

And Hanoi features four seasons. Every morning is cold with light rays shining into the space. We sip a cup of coffee. The Ha Thanh people do not sit down to drink coffee for too long but are very calm and not rushed. Behind each cup of coffee is a story that people want to tell.

Địa điểm uống cà phê của người Hà Nội

Places to drink

The Hanoi people are still known for their carefulness, meticulousness and quite discreetness. Therefore, sidewalk coffee here is not really popular. If you see people drinking coffee on the sidewalk, then it is still a decent coffee shop. Referring to drinking coffee is synonymous with choosing a restaurant from budget to luxury. In any case, the Ha Thanh people still prefer to choose polite places to talk and confide.

Saigon people can drink coffee anywhere, from sidewalks to luxury shops. A mobile coffee car is also a place that many people pay attention to. The locations serving this drink in Saigon are also very diverse in terms of categories. From cafe books, pets, cafe to garden cafe … They don’t pick up places, just if they meet each other, even if a sidewalk is a place they choose.

When guests come to play

The culture of using drinks to invite guests is clearly shown especially when guests come to play. If in Saigon in particular or Nam Bo people in general, if you are a visitor, the host will welcome and invite the cafe as a greeting, opening the story.

And those in Hanoi or neighboring provinces will see the difference when guests come home, homeowners often make tea to invite the country, very few families invite varieties of coffee in Saigon. Or sometimes the landlord is a cafe enthusiast, they will make both choices. Generally in the North, tea is still considered more popular and popular than coffee.

So, if it is Saigon people, when coming to the Capital. If you are not invited by the landlord when you come home to play, don’t be sad. Do not think they are not hospitable, simply because it is the style and lifestyle of the North people.

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