The secret to help you create a great cup of coffee as in the restaurant

Cach pha ca phe tai nha

The secret to help you create a great cup of coffee as in the restaurant

  • Take the necessary amount of powder for Filter coffee 20-25gr of coffee (2 scoops)
  • Then shake it with the face, compress it tightly, the effect will keep the water hot again, the coffee will bloom more, use the blade to squeeze it tightly.
  • After compression, the amount of water needed to brew the coffee cup is about 5 minutes, about 40-50ml
  • Note: enough water is brewed, so that the coffee has enough water, the effect of making coffee flows after being lit, not enough coffee water will be dry, slow flowing. Sufficient amount of coffee will flow smoothly, so it is best to cook 5-7 minutes. If left for longer coffee will be darker, but the aroma smell is not as great as tempering 5-7 Minutes.
  • Because we make coffee by filter,so we have to boil the water, and if we use the hot water that has been boiled before, the temperature is not enough to make the coffee not hatched, brewing coffee will have the water flowing to the bottom of the filter, don’t worry that water will not overflow, coffee will be sucked up.
  • Then light the water, squeeze the blade into it, then pour the medium amount of water into the coffee filter.
  • Then cover.
  • Waiting for coffee to run out, drops and drops are qualified, not too fast, not too slow. 1 cup of coffee will be extracted 30-35ml
  • After that, mix sugar, more or less as you like, so does milk
  • Then drink hot ice as you like.

Mau ca phe ngon

(Delicious coffee: amber brown in)

+ European style: Roasted with 100% wood mixed with 30% Arabica earth bridge Da Lat + 70% Robusta Lam Dong Vi bitter, sour, when removing sugar losing sour taste, it will have a peaceful taste. Feel the refreshing, faint throat.

+ Vietnamese style: Robusta  roasted with bold bitter coffee, fragrant + slightly soaked with wine + butter, fish sauce, and salt.

Silver Flavor dissolves (180g)
Silver Flavor dissolves (180g)


Các sản phẩm Dương Cafe:

Các sản phẩm Dương Cafe

Bạc Xỉu hòa tan (180g)

Cà phê hòa tan (20 Gói)

NỮ HOÀNG (250g)



Moka (250g)

ARABICA (250g)

Robusta (250g)

Các tin khác:





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