The secret to making coffee is “unique” by the Ede

hai ca phe

In order to keep up with the modern life, people have not had much time to enjoy a cup of coffee. Therefore, the way to drink ready-made coffee is gradually replacing coffee cups. However, the E-dyke people still keep the way of mixing deeply the national identity.

To see clearly the “unique” in the way of making coffee of the Ede people, please join Duong Café to find out!

Steps to prepare traditional coffee: Coffee with three times

The first ripening

The Ede ethnic people have planted and attached to coffee trees for over 100 years. Because of that, they had a way to choose the best coffee from wild animals. Every harvest, they choose big, ripe fruits (the first nine). Then peel off the shell, leaving the kitchen floor to remove impurities.

Ripening second times

The next stage is roasting these special coffee. Each time roasted about 0.5 kg in more than 20 minutes. What is special is that there are no E-dyke people for any kind of additive. Regardless, it is just chicken fat or you can add a little salt, white wine. This blending formula will depend on the women. Because the “eyelids” or “A eyelids” are the ones who directly implement in the kitchen. Coffee beans when roasted and turned black and yellow will be poured into the basket and left to cool. At this time, the sweet aroma of coffee spreads all over the house. This is the second nine stage.

Rang ca phe
Roasting Coffee

Ripening third times

Roasted coffee beans after being cooled will be put into a wood mortar for smooth pounding. The younger Ede women in the family will go to get water from the waterfront near the village. According to many Ede families, taking water from the wharf to stop so the new coffee is more delicious.

Next, a finely ground coffee powder is added to the filter bag to remove impurities. Previously boiled water will be used for braking coffee.

Ham ca phe bang tui vai va nuoc lay o ben
Keep coffee with a bag of cloth and water from the stream

Through 3 times of ripening, it will produce a delicious and typical drink that only Ede people can create.

Finally, the coffee after finishing braking will be poured into small cups. When enjoying, depending on the taste and taste of each person, it will add sugar, milk or ice, …

Ethnic cultural identity of Ede

The “unique” in traditional coffee blending of Ede people is created by many factors. First to mention the stage of picking coffee. In order to get the standard fruits, they have to go through a long, observant process of how wild animals choose coffee to eat.

Second, this may be the most mysterious thing in the traditional cup of coffee, which is the ratio of mixing coffee with the amount of additives (chicken fat, salt, white wine) in each batch. Since this blending ratio is decided by the maker, there is no common formula.

In addition, the ethnic ethnic minority Ede always appreciate spiritual life. They always have a living thought to be honest. So that guests must receive the trust and sincere feelings of the Ede people to be invited to drink this particular traditional coffee.

Thuong thuc ca phe truyen thong cua dong bao E - de

Currently in the world as well as in Vietnam, there are many ways of making coffee. But each country has its own way of mixing and drinking style to express their culture. As for the traditional way of making coffee of Ede people, it needs to be maintained and developed, because it is the traditional culture of the Ede people.

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