The special of instant coffee at Duong cafe


The special of instant coffee at Duong cafe

Instant coffee is a very popular product on the market. This is considered one of the best selling products. Why ?

Cà phê hòa tan Dương cafe

To answer this question, perhaps because of “convenient”. Use at home also convenient, reception guests also convenient, for the company also. So this is the most bought product. Just with hot water you have a good cup of coffee already.

Viet Nam is the second largest grower and producer country in the world. Tay Nguyen are the land of coffee. Typical coffee Buon Ma Thuot. Therefore, Vietnamese people use a lot of coffee. Drinking coffee, many people find concentration and work more effectively.

I’m also around. Not a coffee addict but I still choose to drink it. Because one thing is that it helps me work better. Every time I get stressed, I find coffee. It has become my friend when every time I’m tired.

The brand of instant coffee is very much in the market. Sometimes, you can hardly distinguish between brands. What is the specialty of Duong Cafe’s instant coffee?

Instant coffee 3 in 1 of cafe coffee is more flavorful coffee than regular instant coffee, help clear the instant. The special coffee, completely different to the instant coffee you have tried. Guaranteed quality, completely dissolved in water with only a few stirring slightly. Delicacy refreshing, once drink is remember forever.

Instant coffee in a box of 20 packages, each package weighs 18g, mixed with 50-60ml boiling water. Impressive packaging, long lasting.

Selected from the finest coffee beans of Tay Nguyen. Duong Cafe is proud to bring customers the best products.

Previously, I used the products of Trung Nguyen, But when using instant coffee of Duong Cafe I find here very different. Try it once, I’m sure you will like me too. One drink, one remember !! Come to yang cafe to experience the excitement of coffee.


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