The story of coffee and glasses: do you choose like everyone


A story about coffee and cups but makes you ponder the values ​​you are pursuing now. Are you paying attention to the “unamed cups” that forget to enjoy the good things around you that this life brings.

On the anniversary of Teachers, an old group of friends returned to visit their former teacher. Now, all of them are successful and have status in society. After the old stories of naughty teenagers, they talked about their hardships, work and life pressures surrounding them. The person who saw that listened to him, then took the coffee and invited the former students.

The table was set with a coffee pot mixed with many different cups. There is a beautiful, beautifully crafted porcelain. There is an expensive crystal crystal. There are simple glass cups, but also simple, cheap plastic cups.

He told his successful students to choose a cup and pour their own coffee. After everyone has enjoyed the cup of coffee in their hands, the teacher begins to calmly explain.

Small story – Great meaning

“Nobody seems to realize that these cups do not affect the quality or the original flavor of coffee. But everyone takes time to choose for themselves the cup that I find beautiful and the best. The remaining cups on the table are simple, cheap coffee cups. This is nothing wrong. When in this life nobody wants to choose for themselves the best. But this is also the reason for every problem in life that makes you sad. ”


“What you really need is coffee, not a coffee cup. Carefully look for the glossy shell for yourself and forget what you have. Then I had to glance at the person next to me to see if their cup was beautiful, more expensive than my cup. Then started a vicious circle again to find the cup. This is really a stupid job. ”

This life is like coffee. Fame and money are cups. If I don’t have a cup, I can’t enjoy watching how good the coffee is. However, if you keep paying attention to the “nominal cups”, you are neglecting the best part of your life. It is watching and enjoying life. ”


The most precious gift that everyone has is the opportunity to enjoy life. Just as you come to Duong Cafe is to find yourself a cup of coffee that is the most delicious, delicious and attractive. So put it down, but today ‘s anxiety and calculation to feel this life is still giving you the best. Stories about coffee, stories about thoughts, deep philosophies in each person’s life.

So, are you running after the cups? Following someone’s cup is not my own?

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