Tips for Making (instant white coffee) and Birthday Cake

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How to make white coffee

Pour Milk into a Cup (Ong Tho Milk)

Stir in boiling water, stirring well

Then pour coffee lightly on the top of the glass, so the glass of milk has two colors, the upper layer is brown, the lower layer is yellow and white and white.

– Making ice

Put milk into a cup,

Keep the back of boiling water (half a cup) and stir well

Put ice in a cup

Then pour coffee slowly into the cup of milk

The fastest way: Mix 2 packs of instant white coffee. Let it cool and put ice in

Bo ba san pham bac xiu hoa tan, ca phe hoa tan

Slowly add sugar to the egg mixture, (just hit the egg, do not stop), then add the flour with vanilla, whip a little more then add orange juice or fresh milk, with soft oil to the mixture mix well, just beat it all, let the mixture be mixed well

Then take the mold to make the cake, put the oil around the mold, and then put the paper (when baking the cake without sticking the mold), put the dough into 2/3 of the mold, put the mold into the oven with the temperature from (150 -> 200 degrees C) , then put the golden cake on the face, then put it on the top drawer

In order to try the main powder, I use the central to pierce the central of the cake, when the cake is not sticky, so the cake is done

When the cake is cooked, remove the cake and put it on the plate

** Materials & ways to make Ice Cream.

A white egg, 50 gr sugar, 100 grams of butter

Touch to see “candy candy” like silk.

Put small butter in the beating, when the compound becomes

smooth is fine, something smooth is … well

Put that butter cream on the cake,

If you want to make a “part of pine’s wood and wooden”, let’s make coffee

Products of Duong Cafe Company

Instant white coffee (Bac Xiu) (180g)

Instant coffee (20 Packs)

QUEEN (250g)

ESSENSAL Package 250g

PREMIUM (500g)

Moka (250g)

ARABICA (250g)

Robusta (250g)




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