Top 11 cities are famous for their follower of coffee and travel

Top 11 cities are famous for their follower of coffee and travel

For the followers of coffee and long trips, it would be no better than enjoying a cup of delicious coffee in a strange city. Let Duong Cafe take you through some of the most famous cities in the world with great coffee in every corner! Surely you will not have to go to every hole in the alley to find a coffee shop where you go!

1. Vienna, Austria


Cafe culture in Vienna has been recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage in 2011. Especially in the coffee shop is the corner of the shop which is very neat. The space is open, creating harmony and friendly. Indigenous people especially like Cappuccino, espresso. This is Wiener Melange, this is a special drink that everyone should try when visiting Vienna. If you have a chance to visit Vienna, visit Cafe Neko, Cafe Korb or Cafe Weimar. These are the famous cafes in Vienna.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

As mentioned in the previous article, Duong Cafe mentioned Icelandic traditional Irish Cup. Although this is a traditional tea country, in the past few decades Icelanders have been more open about coffee. At Cafe Babalu, you can enjoy Irish Coffee, immersed in melodious music. With a dynamic decoration, orange is the dominant, creating a cozy atmosphere, close.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is known for its pure black coffee beans. The people here also have their own formulation. They grind in powder and then boil in a special kind of warmth called cezve. Turkish people do not filter the coffee grounds so that the residue settles on the bottom of the cup and then brought out guests. If you are a coffee fanatic, do not miss Istanbul!

4. Rome, Italy

The capital is famous for such great buildings as Rome, leaning tower Pizza, … and culinary love. It is not difficult for those who want to enjoy the delicious coffee here. It is said that Rome of Italy “live” through coffee. Do not expect a cup of “little coffee” in this city. Because Italians like black coffee and less sweet. So for those who love pure flavor, Rome is a perfect choice.

5. Vancouver, Canada


Coming to the land of red maple leaves, can not miss the cafes in Vancouver. This is the ideal location for quality coffee. Here there are many skilled graduates working on a small scale. Americano and Espresso are two types of local indigenous coffee. In there, the cold coffee and brewing machine Clover are the two most popular processing methods in Vancouver.

6. Portland, America


Are you looking for a peaceful place? Then Portland is the place for you. Here, do not expect to find modern cafes. Because Portland is famous for its rustic cafes, but its furniture is full of art.

7. Seattle, America


Another city of America falls into the list of top cities for coffee, travel. Seattle is a famous coffee-consuming city in the United States. The restaurants here are diversified from the superb cafe to the popular cafe.

8. Havana, Cuba 

Espresso is a popular drink in Havana. Here you can taste Cuban Cafes (espresso with sugar) or a Cortadito (espresso with milk). The first impression may be slightly difficult to drink. But, those who have been drinking are hardly able to resist the appeal of coffee here.

9. Addis Abada, Ethiopia


If you have to go to European cities, America can not ignore Africa. Here is a piece of land is called “home of coffee”. It is easy to understand why coffee plays a special role in Ethiopian culture as it is one of the leading coffee producers today. Ethiopian people have their own unique cooking process, so it would be great if you could participate in the coffee ceremonies of the people here. You will be directly involved in the processing of coffee such as roasting, grinding, blending in the earth and enjoy the products made by him.

10. Melbourne, Australia


Let’s go to Yang-gu-ru with Yang Cafe. In Melbourne, the cafe is divided into different “coffee villages”. Each “coffee village” has its own culture, creating a unique for Melbourne cafe. Latte and milk coffee are two recommended drinks for every visitor to the city. Especially here is a coffee magazine called Melbourne Coffee Review. Come here to drink coffee, know where you fall into the lens of a newspaper guy it?

11. Ha Noi, Viet Nam

In Ha Noi, there are many different styles of coffee from sidewalks to luxury. However, customers coming to Ha Noi want to enjoy a drink more special. That is egg coffee, specialties of the land made from egg whites to blend with Vietnamese coffee.

ca phe trung
Cà phê trứng

Yellow egg whites are served in a small cup. Guests always have a teaspoon to enjoy the top of the ice cream like “appetizer” before drinking coffee. To keep the beverage hot, the waiter will place your cup of coffee in a bowl of warm water. After being poured over the cream of cotton sponge from the egg, the cafe is solid at the bottom of the cup is more rich.

To enjoy the standard egg cafe, you can visit the cafe such as Cafe Giang, Cafe Dinh or Old Town Cafe. These are the famous places to be selected by both domestic and foreign customers.


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