Top 5 interesting things about coffee you may not know

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks and more and more people love it. However, revolving around this drink also has many interesting things not everyone knows. Join Duong Cafe to discover Top 5 interesting things about coffee!

  1. Drinking coffee helps liver resist harm from alcohol

That is the conclusion of American scientists in a comprehensive study based on 430,000 people. Through this study, scientists have demonstrated that coffee helps reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on the liver, reduces liver cancer and cirrhosis.

  1. Caffein is not the main culprit of bitterness

Steaming a cup of pure black coffee, the bitter taste immediately seeps into the lips and spreads throughout the oral cavity. That bitter taste, not everyone likes and feels its special flavor. Surely, everyone thinks that the bitter taste of coffee is caused by caffeine. That’s right, but caffeine is not the main culprit. That bitter taste is mainly caused by antioxidants.

  1. The oldest cat in the world record drank coffee every day

In the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest 38-year-old cat is Crème Puff, who died in 2005. His boss Jake Perry gave him coffee every day, accompanied by bacon, eggs and broccoli. . This is one of the proofs that this drink has benefits in enhancing longevity.

  1. The truth about the disc or accompanying coffee cup

Everyone thinks that this bundled disc is simply aesthetically pleasing. Or is it just a place to spoon after stirring. However, the original meaning of the plate is to pour coffee, which helps drinkers to enjoy without burns. It sounds strange, but it is true that in the 18th century, people often poured coffee into a hot plate before slowly enjoying it.

In fact, it is true that the surface area of ​​the disc is larger than the cup, the cooling effect is also faster. So, if you want to enjoy it now without worrying about burns, please take advantage of the good disk!

  1. All coffee in the world is grown in “Bean Belt”
Vanh dai BEAN
belt BEAN

Perhaps you will be surprised to know that all coffee in the world is grown in countries within the same latitude. And people named the special area “Bean Belt” . Italy only gathers the different coffee growing areas that make up a belt. The general characteristics of the countries on this belt are near the Equator. It has a hot and humid climate, much rain and, above all, basalt red soil, which is very suitable for growing this plant

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