Top 5 Ways of Making the World’s Refined Coffee

Ca phe thom ngon nhat

Top 5 Ways of Making the World’s Refined Coffee

The “Top 5 Ways of Making the World’s Refined Coffee” come from a variety of countries and regions. Each place has a different way of mixing. From then on, the coffee is delicious and the most delicate.

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How to make coffee by boiling

This is one of the top 5 ways to brew coffee in the world. This is the method of Turkish origin. The connoisseurs are convinced that this preparation produces a cup of hot, thick and strong coffee. Especially long lasting even a small sip.

In Istanbul, people make coffee as follows. Add half a cup of water and 2 teaspoons of fine grind to a long flush (called cezve or ibriq). Then add 1 tablespoon of sugar and bring to a suitable flame. When the mixture is boiling and bubbling, stir and pour some coffee into the cup. Continue boiling the coffee again, then pour all (including coffee grounds) to the cup. Of course, there are many variations, for example in Greece the coffee is boiled 3 times.

Normally, people spend 2 minutes leaving the coffee grounds to settle down at the bottom of the cup. Those who use Turkish coffee impatiently will point their finger at a cold glass of water. Then dip into the cup of coffee to speed up the sedimentation process. In the Turkish way, the sugar is added to the coffee from the beginning (before brewing), not the coffee finished adding new sugar. So politely ask the owner will ask the viewer want more or less sugar before.

Brewed coffee

This is a refined, elegant and unique style, originating in Turkey from the beginning of the 20th century. Coffee is soaked in the bottom of the lid (usually glass), so it does not lose flavor. . Coffee experts often try the product by mixing it.

Need at least 10g of coffee to have a cup. The breakthrough was the invention of the Meloir with a very fine coffee filter, retaining the coffee powder at the bottom of the bottle.

Coffee with fin

Cà phê pha bằng Phin

Previous coffee set made of metal or ceramic. Includes: cap, filter and a disc at the bottom. Powdered coffee is added to the filter, the boiling water is added to the filter. Then, the coffee drip drip down the bottom of the filter.

In this way, people often use coffee powder medium. If the coffee is good, the coffee is pre-heated, the product will be perfect for physical, taste.

Aluminum Napoletana is simple and easy to use. The bottom part of the water tank, the middle part is the coffee powder and the top where the hose. When the water is near to boiling, people turn off the flames and overturn the jar, gravity will cause the water to flow from the top down and pass through the coffee powder. But the biggest disadvantage of this device is that aluminum makes coffee smell, especially when the bottle is new.

People still want to make a lot of delicious coffee, not just a small cup. Electric coffee filter was invented. Then just pop the button and you can work the other way while dropping the coffee. However, the high temperature makes the plate under the coffee maker warm up. Coffee powder is also hot and often hot over the necessary level so the taste is not retained intact.

Coffee is mixed with pressure

My parents used Cona to make coffee. The fire makes hot water and evaporates up the syphon above – there is coffee powder. Water vapor in the vacuum environment has kept the taste of coffee intact. However, the disadvantage of this device is that it is made of glass so it is fragile and difficult to clean. And to have a delicious drink, the coffee powder needs to be finely grinded.

Today, Italian coffee jar has become much more popular. The Italian cistern had a water tank at the bottom, a filter between the coffee above the water pot and the top of the cistern. People put the flask on the fire to get steam up. This appliance is better for coffee than the coffee maker.

Commonly used materials are brass. Restaurants in the past used to use this phase. One can give out more than 10 cups of hot coffee. Today, only one manufacturer, Femoka in Paris, still makes this tool and supplies it to the market.

Large pressure goes through the coffee – espresso maker

The charm of espresso machines at home is reflected in the speed of coffee mix. Hot water faucets help us enjoy the delicious coffee cups, the most refined. Especially the feeling of the user is no different than the professional barista.

However, we still admire the barista in the cafes of Rome or Milan. Espresso coffee is really a new world. High-pressure osmosis through coffee produces a variety of products. Depends on the material that makes up the coffee powder. But in general the great pressure helps extract the best out of the coffee powder. The taste, the physical and the best ingredients in the coffee beans will be pushed out.

One immediately recognizes the quality of the espresso cup through the color and texture of the foam on the surface. Coffee color should be rust or brown color, depending on the type of grain and body must be uniform, condensed. The foam on the surface if too fragile will prove that the essence in coffee has not been completely extracted. Thus the body of the drink is not strong enough. On the contrary, if the foam is too brown, the extraction is excessive.


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