Toys are indispensable in the Mid-Autumn Festival

Do choi Trung Thu

Toys are indispensable in the Mid-Autumn Festival

On every occasion of the lunar month of the 8th lunar month every year, in Vietnam and some Asian countries, the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Lunar New Year is also very busy.

Children’s Mid-Autumn Festival – Tet

Especially children are very excited to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. In the countryside, this atmosphere is even more jubilant than ever. In the childhood memories of each child, there is no shortage of toys such as lanterns or candies. Each child gets a few candies, so they are happy. On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, several children gathered together, making paper lanterns. After that, they waited until the full moon day and then picked up around the alley.

Mat na giay
Mask paper

How to make paper masks

Making masks is not too difficult, but requires many stages, a lot of time to complete. To produce a complete mask needs stages. It is mold making, sun drying, color painting. The materials made for them are very simple: paperboard, paint, mold.

From earthen molds, one must meticulously tear down small pieces of paper that were spread by the lake. They are then glued to the inside of the mold. Approximately 5-6 turns are okay. They are sun-dried for 1 day and will be able to paint.

Next is the painting phase. Paint colors are entirely chosen by their preferences. But there is one thing to note, that is to draw a color, then bring it out to dry before drawing another color.

Maintaining and developing craft villages

Many craft villages in general have been eroded. Currently, there are still some craft villages that still retain this traditional profession. In Hanoi, Hang Luoc street still has some households doing this job. In other localities such as Hao Village – Hung Yen, making this mask is still quite popular and developed. Especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival, due to the increasing demand that the goods do not. Many families have to hire more production workers to “specialize” the steps to increase productivity.

A few years ago, Chinese plastic masks entered our country quite a lot. This has made the paper mask market lag. But with the love of career and keeping the traditional craft, many families still maintain today.

Toys are star lights, lanterns

Although lanterns have many innovative forms. However, the old cultural features are still handed down in some regions. Just like paper masks, star lights or lanterns are also hand-crafted meticulously. It is not difficult to buy a lantern.


Do choi Trung Thu
Mid-Autumn toys

Many stages have created a lantern, the lights are perfect

To make a paper lantern completely by hand. Workers must do many detailed and complex stages. The word chopped bamboo, chopped bamboo, cut the frame, made the lamp bone, installed rolling to print patterns, colors on glass paper … created a complete lantern. Bamboo lanterns must be old bamboo soaked with salt for many days to prevent termites. Then dry, sharpen depending on the size of each lamp. Colorful lanterns. When stretching the worker stickers need to be skillful to straighten the paper and not be torn.

The steps such as splitting bamboo, framing columns, sharpening and slotting were prepared for months. When it comes to Tet, just finish the last steps like sticking paper, drawing some vivid features. The lanterns have different shapes, suitable for each of the children’s interests. From the shape of the butterfly, the fish, the basket of flowers, … all are colorful. Just a quick glance and see a whole area of ​​color appears funny.

The song “Chiec den ong sao” had imprinted on many generations of Vietnamese children

Den ong sao
Ong Sao lamp

These lights have no light emitting device or music emitted. But only with a piece of candles will make them glow even the alley. Bright for lanterns after how many days have been completed. But bright in their smiles. It was these smiles that made young memories. So that every Mid-Autumn Festival on young lips is busy singing songs: “Chiếc đèn ông sao sao năm cánh tươi màu. Cán đây rất dài cán cao quá đầu. Em cầm đèn sao em hát vang vang. Đèn sao tươi màu của đềm rằm liên hoan !Tùng rinh rinh, tùng tùng tùng rinh rinh”! If these were not, then your childhood was already missing.

Although modern toys appear quite a lot in the market. But traditional toys are still interesting and chosen by the young people. A good news is that the market has better signs. Traditional or innovative toys become children’s favorite toys. The part that increases the foothold for Vietnamese toys.

 Duong Cafe wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival with your family !!




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