“Unbelievable” uses of coffee grounds

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 “Unbelievable” uses of coffee grounds 

Like tea, “coffee grounds” are often discarded by people thinking that it is worthless. According to many studies, coffee grounds have extremely wonderful and useful uses for life

In an era of ever-growing and environmental pollution affecting people’s lives, “green” measures are being encouraged to be used as reuse and recycling.

Join Duong Cafe to learn about the unexpected uses of “coffee grounds” !!

bã cà phê

Make fertilizer for plants

In coffee grounds, there is a lot of protein, Mg, K, … are very good substances for soil. It is like an excellent fertilizer. Coffee grounds are especially suitable for plants that prefer acidic soil such as roses, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, aloe vera, evergreen trees, rhododendron …

However, other varieties can still be used. The amount of acid in the coffee grounds is not too high and affects the plants. Good acidic soil will help plants absorb nutrients better.

A garden, a flower garden is no longer a long-term dream for you when you don’t have much room to plant trees and take care of trees inefficiently. Keep the coffee grounds seemingly useless to make your garden green.

Both saving and protecting the environment and helping the plant grow well.

cà phê làm phân bón trồng cây

Remove the bad smell in the refrigerator

Coffee grounds act as an odor absorber. When leaving a small bowl containing coffee grounds in the refrigerator overnight, unpleasant odors in the refrigerator will completely disappear. You will no longer feel uncomfortable when you want to preserve many different types of food. Repeat this process every few weeks to get the best effect. Moreover, you can also leave the coffee grounds in the fridge for many days to deodorize the fishy smell of meat and fish … This is a quite effective way.

Besides, if your hands cling to food odors such as fish, garlic, .. during processing, don’t worry. Rub your hands with a handful of coffee grounds, then rinse with soap, an unpleasant smell will fly away.

Smooth hair

The use of chemicals causes hair to become damaged and damaged. How to make shiny hair is always concerned by sisters. Coffee grounds can also be used to take care of hair and make hair shine. Rub the coffee grounds on wet hair and massage evenly for a few minutes, then rinse your hair with water. Your hair will look slick.

bã cà phê làm mượt tóc

Coffee grounds help treat dark circle eyes

For women, family work pressure is growing. It is obvious that you will get aging skin, eyes are bruised easily. If you are still afraid of using cosmetics and want to use natural methods, coffee grounds is a good suggestion for you. In coffee grounds contains a large amount of caffeine – a substance that is effective in stimulating blood circulation and fighting inflammation. Using persistence and regularity, your eye circles and swollen eyelids will be significantly reduced.

Coffee grounds help whiten the skin

Coffee has many effects on our bodies. One of the effects is the whitening effect. As much as coffee grounds no longer have nutrients, they no longer work. But that is a completely false assertion. In addition to exfoliating effect, nutritional ingredients, vitamins, minerals, coffee grounds also nourish healthy skin, stimulate new cell production and improve effective pigmentation. Since then, the dark, lifeless skin quickly becomes radiant white. Therefore, you can use coffee grounds to help you own beautiful skin like the dream.

Bã cà phê làm trắng da

Deodorize shoes

The smell of shoes, the smell of feet after a day of work is always an obsession for many people. This makes you not confident when you wear those shoes the next day. Get some coffee grounds in your shoes. After a while you will find it surprising, the odor in the shoe has disappeared. If you want to eliminate foot odor or armpit odor, you can also remove the coffee grounds.

Aim for pets to go to the toilet

For families who like to keep animals in the house, it is often happening in the wrong place. But don’t worry, with coffee grounds can help you not to be bothered anymore. Quite simply, get a mixture of coffee grounds and orange peels placed in the garden. The scent of the mix is ​​too strange with the pet’s outgoing standards, which will instantly attract them.

Coffee grounds help make shiny cups

Dirty glasses make you very uncomfortable, right. Normally, we only use common cleaners, but sometimes they don’t get dirty stains. Certainly, no one expected the coffee grounds to make the glass more shiny. You may not expect the coffee grounds to make your glass objects more shiny. How to use coffee grounds to polish objects is very simple. Just mix the coffee grounds with the dishwashing liquid, then wash the glass cup in your home. Dirty smudges will quickly be blown away, returning a shiny look to your household items.

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