Unveiled the aroma of 12 zodiac coffee

bien tau tu ca phe

Unveiled the aroma of 12 zodiac coffee

Each zodiac has a different hobby and personality. Style enjoying each zodiac’s coffee also has different features. Duong Cafe will reveal to you the taste of coffee that suits your zodiac!

  1. Aries: Espresso
Ca phe espresso
Cafe espresso

Aries is a dynamic zodiac, likes adventure and ambition. A bold Espresso, prepared by using hot water compressed under high pressure. Above there is a very fragrant brown foam without bitterness. This is the perfect start to a busy new day for Aries.

  1. Taurus: Cappuccino

Taurus is a stable, calm, realistic zodiac and beautiful beauty. A delicious cup of Cappuccino, with the greasy part of milk cream. Cappuccino is a variation of Espresso. Hot milk and milk foam are a great start to the new day of Taurus.

  1. Gemini: Latte
latte cafe
latte cafe

It can be said, Gemini is a zodiac of harmony, vivacious and very good at communication. However, this zodiac also has times to make uncertain decisions in life. At such times, enjoying a glass of Latte is number 1. Gentle taste, the blend of coffee and milk will help Song Tu more relaxed at work.

  1. Cancer: Mocha

This zodiac is also quite sensitive and easy to change the mood. This zodiac is always yearning for love but also very vulnerable. So a Mocha glass is the perfect combination of hot milk and chocolate. The new day of the Cancer will be smooth when enjoying a Mocha coffee starting for a new day.

  1. Lion: Macchiato


macchiatoThe Lion is a zodiac known for confidence, strong and ambitious. Therefore, the coffee flavor of this bow also has something strong, charming and extremely attractive. A cup of Macchiato coffee with three layers of milk, coffee and foam is the drink that converges everything of the Lion.

  1. Virgo: Organic coffee (organic coffee)
ca phe Organic
cà phê Organic

Virgo is traditional zodiac, work is planned and quite fastidious. Therefore, drinks of this supply must also be carefully selected. The people of this palace will love what is good for health. A cup of organic coffee will be the perfect choice for Virgo.

  1. Libra: Café Au Lait (French-style coffee cafe)
coffee Au Lait

Libra is very romantic and charming. They always know how to control emotions and balance life. A French coffee cup will be a great suggestion for this zodiac.

  1. Scorpion: “Double” Espresso (doppio espresso)


Ca phe espresso

Scorpions are quite powerful, mysterious and very assertive zodiac. They often express their true feelings. Love hate clearly. So, a bold “double” Espresso coffee will be the perfect choice for their energetic working day.

  1. Sagittarius: Ice milk coffee
Ca phe sua da giup giai nhiet mua he
Milk Coffee

People of the Sagittarius are often quite fond of freedom, exploring. They are always active in work and life. Ice milk coffee is for them. A new day starting with a cup of iced milk will help Sagittarius have a good start.

  1. Capricorn: Black coffee
Black Coffee

Capricorn is quite a faithful and reliable person. The people of this palace are known to be quite traditional, practical and addicted to work. So, a cup of black coffee so they can be sober and focused on work.

  1. Aquarius: Cold coffee
Ca phe lanh
Cold Coffee

Aquarius is usually very curious, creative and likes to do everything at his own discretion. A cold cup of coffee with a special blend and a subtle flavor and a deep taste will help keep your mood warm during the new discoveries.

  1. Pisces: Affogato ice cream coffee
Ca phe kem affogato

Pisces is very affectionate and sensitive. This is a warm and energetic zodiac. A sweet and sweet Affogato ice cream coffee is the perfect drink for Pisces.

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