Vietnamese Coffee Culture

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Vietnamese Coffee Culture

How do Vietnamese people drink coffee?

Vietnam Ice Milk Coffee

Vietnamese coffee has developed its own style. Vietnam also has a philosophy for coffee: we drink it slowly. You can not find  lovely and convenient “filter” anywhere else, abroad. The coffee filter consists of a cup, a bottom filter, a newspaper and a lid. When you pour water into the cup, it will drip, drop by drop. What do we do? We wait. I sat and watched drips of water in the back as the traffic road was crowded with running motorbikes. Yes, it is a very unique way of drinking coffee, watching the beautiful, bustling street.

In Hanoi, all places use filter to make: coffee shops – on sidewalks, along lakes, in balconies of some high-rise buildings. Hanoi people seem to like “black coffee with condensed milk”, or “brown ice coffee” or “ice milk coffee”. There are 3 main types: Ice black (coffee + ice), Hot black (hot coffee), hot brown (hot coffee + milk).

Other types of recipes are yogurt (yogurt coffee) and egg coffee. The great thing is that just by listening to these names, you know the ingredients to make each of these drinks. Yogurt coffee is: ice cream + yogurt with black coffee, and egg coffee is made from whipped eggs with condensed milk and coffee.

ca phe ngon

In Ho Chi Minh City where I live, the coffee culture here is quite different. The coffee here is served popularly from sidewalks to large stalls, and is slightly cheaper (because coffee is the main daily drink). The composition is cold ice, less coffee and the coffee flavor is much sweeter than in the north. Southern people use the same coffee making equipment in the north. If you order coffee, they will bring you a big glass and you don’t have to do anything else, unlike in the north you will have a “phin”. Ice black coffee with condensed milk has a different name – “miserable side”. There is a specialty of the North I have to mention – “Ca Phe Vong”, where you will sit on a hammock to enjoy your coffee.

Ca phe Sai Gon

Where to drink

Coffee everywhere, from street sidewalks, to luxury cafes. Favorite office staff with romantic style and but old people want some cafes on the old street or inside the deep alley. For young people, they like the busy and noisy atmosphere of a modern and luxurious café or sidewalk.

Where is the delicious coffee:

The list of good cafés in Hanoi is very long but the most prominent is Duong Cafe (Minh Khai street). This place is famous for both locals and tourists with coconut coffee. Although there are many coffee shops in Hanoi, there is a special coffee on their menu but there is no place comparable to Duong Cafe. Another must-visit café is Duong cafe. This café is simply decorated with wooden furniture.

Ca phe Ha Noi

Saigon does not have many traditional cafés like Hanoi but coffee is no less special. The best cafes are mainly located in Districts 1 and 3, which offer the best collection of historic buildings. Unlike Hanoi, the cafes in Ho Chi Minh City are spacious, elegant and romantic in Western style. If you visit Ho Chi Minh someday, don’t forget to visit some of the following locations: La Rotonde (77B Ham Nghi), Yen Café (9 Pham Dinh Toai), Café Gac Hoa (92 Pham Ngoc Thach), Pictures (15 Nguyen Thi Huynh), Du Mien Café (48 / 9A Ho Bieu Chanh).

With Vietnam Duong Cafe brand began to be known with some special products that big men in Vietnam do not have: Instant Coffee Dua, Cafe banana milk, dissolved white coffee,


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