Wake up every morning with a delicious cup of coffee

Cach pha ca phe tai nha

Wake up every morning with a delicious cup of coffee

Coffee in the morning is good for health. Specially help you get alert, concentrate to get the best energy for the whole day of work.

What effect does morning coffee drink have?

  • Helps prevent aging
  • More effective when practicing sports
  • Enhance longevity
  • Reduce liver diseases, protect the liver
  • Reduce and prevent headaches
  • Reduce some eye diseases
  • Preventing diabetes diseases

How to make a delicious coffee in the morning

Cà phê pha bằng Phin
Filter Coffee
  • Choose quality coffee ingredients
  • Choose filter made from aluminum, medium size
  • Mix in proportion depending on your preference
  • After adding 1-2 grains of salt, it will help the cup of coffee more delicious

Enjoy coffee

Drink properly?

Limit sugar, ice cream

In sugar, milk creams are ingredients that are combined to make a cup of coffee more delicious. But these substances contain lots of calories. In general, it lessens the real effect of coffee. If it is pure coffee, it is still best


Do not drink too much

According to research by many scientists, should only drink 1-3 cups a day. If you drink more, it can cause many side effects for you. Be a wise drinker !!

Should only be taken in the morning

Coffee has a strong impact after drinking a few hours. So, if after drinking coffee at noon, it will make you sleepless, especially at night.

At Duong Cafe, we bring to our customers products of instant coffee or instant coffee suitable for many ages and genders. If you are a connoisseur of coffee, you cannot ignore excelsa, arabica, robusta, weasel coffee. And if the person is not very sophisticated or for women, silver faint or coconut coffee is the perfect choice

Product of Dương Cafe

LACK COFFEE (Hòa Tan) GÓI 120g

Cà phê Chồn KOPI LUWAK GÓI 150g

Cà phê hòa tan (20 Gói)

Bạc Xỉu hòa tan (10gói)

Bạc Xỉu hòa tan (10gói)

EXCELSA Gói 250g

Moka GÓI 250g


Robusta GÓI 250g

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