Weasel Coffee is not the most expensive coffee on the planet

Ca phe phan voi co nguon goc tu Thai Lan-Dat nuoc trieu voi

Weasel Coffee is not the most expensive coffee on the planet

Do you still know weasel coffee is the best and most expensive drink in the world? But this drink was defeated by a more serious opponent both literally and figuratively. That is elephant dung coffee!

Prices of elephant dung coffee

Elephant dung coffee is likened to “Natural Black Ivory”. They cost 1,500 USD / kg (equivalent to 31.6 million VND / kg). Meanwhile, new weasel coffee prices range from about 600-1,000 USD / kg.

Ca phe phan voi co gia cao hon ca phe chon
Coffee of elephant dung is higher than weasel coffee

Where to enjoy coffee with elephant dung?

Currently, Vietnam is one of the few countries that produces international quality weasel coffee. So you can easily find and buy this type of coffee only for the “elite”. Meanwhile, coffee dung is more rare. To be able to enjoy them, you need a few places that serve this natural “Black Ivory” drink.

A famous place for you to enjoy this kind of coffee that is in Macau (China). At MGM Macau, this drink only serves guests at the VIP gaming room. In addition, you can also see a few luxury 5-star resorts serving them. Including resort paradises such as Thailand, Malaysia, Maldives.

This further increases the value of elephant dung coffee in the world. When it is confirmed that it is only for rich people, with high status and status in society.

Origin of elephant dung coffee

Elephant dung coffee originated from Chiang Rai province, Thailand, origin of millions of elephants. The coffee that elephants eat is Arabica coffee.

Ca phe phan voi co nguon goc tu Thai Lan-Dat nuoc trieu voi
Elephant dung coffee originated from Thailand

Arabica coffee is always the most popular and consumed coffee in the world. Not only because they are widely cultivated, production is relatively high in the world. Another reason is that this coffee has a taste that suits the taste of many subjects. The sour-tasting Arabica bar combines harmoniously with the gentle bitterness. In addition, you can feel the sweet syrup of the fruit blending with natural honey. The aroma of elegance, elegance and nobility is a hallmark in many people’s taste.

At the present time, Thailand is the only country that produces quality elephant dung coffee, which is highly appreciated internationally.

Production of elephant dung coffee in the world

Every year, 200 kg of elephant dung coffee is produced and marketed in the world. To get 1 kg of coffee, 33 kg of Arabica berries should be used in nine plants. In the process, coffee was chewed largely before being discharged. And it takes up to 15-30 hours from when elephants eat coffee to get raw coffee.

Coffee production process

Hat ca phe Arabica chin mong la nguyen lieu tao nen ca phe phan voi

Ripe Arabica coffee cherry are ingredients that make elephant dung coffeeElephants will eat coffee beans along with other fruits. After that, coffee is applied the method of “natural fermentation”. This natural fermentation process takes place in the elephant’s gut, giving flavored coffee that certainly cannot be found in other coffees. Similar to weasel coffee. Coffee beans are surrounded by hard shells. Digestive enzymes do not affect kernels but they help break down the structure, making the coffee less bitter and more aromatic. However, in elephants, coffee beans are mostly broken during the process of chewing and digesting the stomach.

Similar to weasel coffee production mechanism. The enzyme in the stomach of the elephant will suppress the bitterness of the beans. After that, coffee will be collected and treated and cleaned by sun drying before being processed into finished coffee.

Coffee flavor of elephant dung

Coffee of elephant dung is less bitter, and coffee flavor also has banana and sugarcane flavor. This is because coffee beans are digested with bananas, sugarcane and some other fruits. Has a rich flavor, more special than weasel coffee. You can enjoy the scent of chocolate chestnut and cherry and tobacco flavor.

Start with coffee with elephant dung

Elephant dung coffee is the starting product of a Canadian businessman, Blake Dinkin. Before making this expensive drink, he once planned to produce and trade Kopi Luwak mink coffee. However, due to the increase in the supply of mink coffee in Asian countries, especially Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. So this project has been left open.

Huong vi ca phe phan voi duoc danh gia cao
The flavor of elephant dung coffee is highly appreciated

After failing with the weasel, he thought of lions and giraffes. But in the end, meeting all his conditions was the elephants.

Blake Dinkin’s coffee business of elephant dung initially encountered many difficulties from the objections of animal and nature conservation organizations. These are concerns about the health of elephants and their captivity for profit purposes. However, Dinkin proved that elephants were not affected when eating coffee. Because “caffeine doesn’t get out of coffee beans unless they’re boiled …”.

Similar to the problem that Vietnamese weasel coffee farms encounter. The coffee industry is experiencing incredible growth and generating huge profits. Because of this, many entrepreneurs disregarded the principle to produce as much mink coffee as possible. Minks are kept in small cages. Forced to eat coffee without other foods.

Therefore, this businessman’s business project of coffee dung has spent 8% of total profits to preserve the natural habitat for elephants.

As premium and high-priced drinks, they should be valued not only for enjoyment but also in production stages. Especially caring for animals helps us get these unique blending ingredients.

At Duong Cafe, we offer the best quality mink coffee products. With modern production processes and care and attention to ferrets. Let them have the best environment to grow. Duong Cafe is a reliable and prestigious address for pure Vietnamese coffee products.

Ca phe Chon - Qua tang cao cap
Weasel coffee

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