Weasel coffee – luxurious presents showing class with partners

Cà phê chồn làm quà đối tác

Weasel coffee – luxurious presents showing class with partners

  • Today, we all know that mink coffee is an extremely expensive and classy drink.
  • However, that does not stop those who love and passionate about giving up money to enjoy and feel, even if only a small glass. This product contains unique values, well deserved for customers to spend money to buy as gifts, donations, expressing sincerity and appreciation to the recipient. The following are the reasons for the attraction and value of this luxury coffee.

Extremely delicious taste

  • Weasel coffee contains a unique combination of three elements of coffee, weasel and human skillful hands. People cultivate coffee on the fields of thousands of plots. In the season, the deliciously ripe coffee fruits attract weasels to eat. Ferrets only choose to eat the most delicious and ripe fruits. And the weasel stomach only digestes the flesh, and the coffee beans which are wrapped in rice husk, will be excreted with the excrement.
  • What makes the deliciousness of this coffee line is due to the process of digesting coffee beans in the weasel belly. Enzymes in the weasel stomach – a very special substance that is difficult to find in other animals, will permeate through the husk, break down the protein structure and promote the fermentation of coffee beans.
Cà phê chồn
Mink Coffee
  • People collect coffee beans that are scented by ferrets, then washed, skillfully roasted and processed. When roasted, coffee beans become less protein, make the bitterness decrease, the seeds are also hard, strong and strange and different from all other coffee lines.
  • The amazing and unique taste of this coffee line has been tested and confirmed by many connoisseurs. The aroma of the coffee cup is very pure, creating a pleasant feeling, gently relaxing all the tension in the soul. The scent is the refining of the essence of nature and human ingenuity. The cup of coffee also has a bitter taste, but it is a very different bitter, mild but not bitter, bitter taste that fascinates the tongue and fascinates.
  • Some people commented, when enjoying this drink, we will feel the flavor of molasses deeply mixed with chocolate flavor, bitter taste, bitterness of fruit, little bitterness, plus the passion of cigarette.
  • It is the great combination and the above that makes this coffee very different and can not be mixed with regular coffee. Although once enjoyed, diners will remember forever.

Coffee of passion and creative stimulation

  • It is not natural that this coffee line is praised by many people. Scientists have studied and demonstrated the amazing effects of this product. Not only delicious, this coffee line also helps to prevent cancer, reduce the risk of diabetes, make the cardiovascular system more healthy, reduce stress …
Cà phê chồn
mink Coffee
  • With entrepreneurs, directors, scholars or intellectuals extremely interested in this coffee line. It is understandable because just one cup of coffee can help people reduce stress, be more alert, improve eyesight, ignite the passion and creativity. Therefore, working efficiency will be significantly improved.

Coffee of luxury and class

  • To get the final product to users, this line of coffee has gone through a very successful process. From the look when looking outside to the deep quality of finished products are very focused on design. Products to the users are the perfection, sophistication and perfection. Each product when delivered to customers is exuding elegance, courtesy and class. But this is the most expensive drink in the world.

Ca phe chon qua doi tac

  • Just holding a cup of weasel coffee, everyone can see that you are a very connoisseur who can enjoy and feel the most quintessential and delicious things. So it is not wrong to say that this coffee line helps confirm user level.

The fruit represents the mentality and good will of the donor

  • The pricey of the product makes many customers become hesitant when buying this coffee line as a gift or gift. But just like you guys say, expensive pieces, or any of your money. However, for those we love and respect, we always want to dedicate all the best and the best quality. And this coffee product is the right choice.
  • And the donor, upon receiving this product line, will see the sincere, caring and skillful subtleties of the giver. This coffee is a meaningful and practical gift for giving to relatives, friends, colleagues and respectable leaders at the agency …

To create a sincere and trustworthy start

  • Enjoying a cup of weasel coffee will make a great start to starting new relationships. Enjoying the charm and deliciousness of this drink together will show the harmony in the culinary taste and sophistication in the user’s feelings. That is the basis for us to believe and stick together more.

A great product and such meaning is very reasonable to use as a gift. Come to our company to visit and admire and choose the most prestigious and quality coffee products.

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