Weasel coffee – one of Indonesia’s tourist attractions

Weasel coffee – one of Indonesia’s tourist attractions

Weasel coffee of Indonesia is one of the outstanding features, interesting cuisine attracts tourists to visit this country. It is the result of nature’s favor to produce one of the most attractive and expensive drinks in the world, let’s explore.

Indonesia is one of the few countries growing the best coffee in the world

  • It is not natural that very few countries like Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Indonesia can grow the most famous delicious pure coffee in the world.
  • According to the experts on botany, coffee plants are very “picky and selective” and have a high demand for growing places. It is a place of high terrain, about 1,300 – 1,400 meters above sea level, and has a warm, humid tropical environment. And Indonesia, located on the tropics along the equator, has all these climatic requirements.


Cà phê chồn

  • With the type of daytime weather is warm, while the night is cool of the alpine environment and the tropical is the favorable condition for coffee trees to grow best. At the same time, this type of weather “shocked” organic acids, aromatic compounds with sugar, and crystallized into coffee beans, giving the most delicious flavor. And diners will feel these crystallizations when enjoying a cup of weasel coffee.
  • There are many areas with good soil for growing coffee, but climate conditions are inappropriate, too hot or cold, or rainfall is unbalanced. There are areas with warm and humid weather conditions suitable for growing coffee trees but soil does not support.
Cà phê chồn
Weasel coffee
  • The excellent combination of soil quality with temperature, humidity, rainfall suitable for the growth of coffee trees and elevation in Indonesia has created the best conditions for this coffee tree to be get. The taste is different from when grown in other lands.

Mink makes a difference in coffee flavor

  • Indonesia is one of the countries growing coffee trees very soon. In the 16th century, the Netherlands had many colonies from east to west. With developed naval power, the Netherlands has mastered maritime routes around the world. And Indonesia is a large Dutch colony in Asia. Through the voyage of coffee trees were introduced and planted in Indonesia quite early.
  • In Indonesian, weasel coffee is called Kopi Luwak, which means a seed produced by the spotted civet.

Indonesia then had very large coffee plantations. Because of the great ability of coffee, and because Indonesia was a colony, the Dutch banned the people here from picking coffee.

However, this ban cannot prevent human passion. And “hardship is smart”, people here have found a way to consume coffee very well. They came up with the idea of ​​using coffee by weasel eating seeds and discharging. People pick up, pick up seeds, wash them and process them into folk drinks, satisfying their passion

Ca phe Chon Kopi Luwak

Weasel Kopi Luwak Coffee

  • And very unexpectedly, it was the collected coffee beans that brought out a drink with a special taste and extremely passionate.
  • Far away, this delicious flavor is quickly known and loved, this coffee becomes famous, is considered one of the most sophisticated and attractive drinks.
  • Spotted weasels have a long nose and developed hearing, will smell the smell of ripe coffee. They are very gourmet, and only choose to eat the most delicious berries. Under the action of a special enzyme in the stomach, the coffee bean weasel will be transformed, with a richer flavor, more delicious, a very different flavor than other drinks. The customers who have tasted this special coffee will always be praised by the fleshy fleshy, very fragrant aroma.
Ca phe Chon weasel
Weasel coffee
  • Indigenous peoples of Indonesia will collect weasels that are ferried after the fruit is produced and sold to coffee producers. Here, they separated the seeds, washed them, dried the sun and roasted them. Kopi Luwak weasel coffee is famous as the rarest, most expensive drink in the world, priced from 100 to 600 USD (ie about 2,080,000 – 12,480,000 VND with only 0.5kg). And a cup is priced at 50 USD.
  • When you arrive in Indonesia, visitors not only learn the interesting history of this special product, try the famous coffee but also try to roast and grind themselves, which is a memorable experience.

So weasel coffee has become one of the culinary characteristics that attract tourists to visit. And without going to Indonesia, diners can still experience this special coffee flavor. Come to our company for free advice and buy reputable and quality coffee products





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