What is special about processing weasel coffee?

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What is special about processing weasel coffee?

With coffee connoisseurs, it certainly has heard the concept of “weasel coffee”. Especially from the selection of coffee fruit, to the processing and to the taste.

Vietnam is one of the few countries that is bestowed by nature and climate with the most favorable conditions for growing weasel. This is one of the best coffee in the world. Weasel coffee in Vietnam is produced and processed in weasel farms in Da Lat, Binh Phuoc, Lam Dong or Dak Lak.

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In order to create coffee, we first have to raise the ferrets

Ferrets and weasels are two varieties raised to produce weasel coffee in Vietnam. In nature, they are wild animals. They feed on the ground and on trees, sleeping in caves dug under the ground and in the hollows of the trees and rock holes.

For farmed weasel, they are fed with foods such as meat, fish, animal organs, mice and fruits. Coffee is not their main food, not always feasting on coffee. They prefer to eat Arabica coffee fruit than Robusta coffee. Because Arabica coffee has a more berry shell, more water and more sugar.

How to make weasel coffee?

Feed ferrets to coffee

By the fall of the ripe coffee, people would let go of weasels and let them go to eat coffee. Ferrets eat only a small amount of coffee, a weasel only eats about 20-30g of fresh coffee a day and “gives out” about 10g of green coffee.

They are quite “gourmet” animals. Not all coffee beans they eat. They only eat the most ripe coffee fruits, not deep. Not only that, the coffee fruits also have pesticide and pesticide residues that they do not eat. To see that, the berries are chosen very carefully. Notice that when ferrets have chosen the fruit trees they love, they will eat in each tree without eating other plants.

Sometimes people also quit their work to screen the best coffee for them to eat. But they don’t eat it all, but eat only the best fruits they choose. Therefore, this animal becomes even more special compared to other animals.

Do weasel  eat coffee?

Not only is it difficult to choose food, the way weasels eat coffee beans is also unusual. There is a question many people ask, that is why they do not eat coffee beans but release them. In fact, they only eat the sweet and juicy fruits and flesh of the fruit peels, and the beans are swallowed and discharged.

But unfortunately there are ferrets swallowing the coffee shell. But their stomachs are not digestible but will be released with coffee beans because of the nature of the shell and seeds that are very hard to digest.

How do ferrets digest coffee?

In the process of digestion, the enzymes in the stomach of ferrets secrete the proteins, denaturing a portion of the protein in coffee beans. After being transformed, coffee beans become more delicious after roasting. In addition, starch in coffee beans is also resolved to create sweet taste for weasel coffee.

But the process is double-sided, because weasels eat only a small amount of coffee beans, so the process of resolving this protein makes coffee beans smell bad and possibly toxins and bacteria. Therefore, the processing process needs to be thoroughly cleaned and food safety must be ensured.

Then collect weasel feces

The raw product of coffee weasel is the part of weasel that is discharged to the outside. They smell fishy because of the nature of weasels, brown or dark brown. Dark brown can also be residues from animal food that un-digested weasel should stick to the husk and be discharged.

After collecting, coffee mixed with weasel is dried or dried. This process takes a long time because the coffee is uneven. Coffee, which has not been dried well, will be moldy and affect the quality in long rainy days. After being dry, weasel coffee will smell less foul.

Ca phe nhan co mau xanh nhat
Processing weasel

Processing weasel coffee to lose fishy smell

Next to the drying stage, to produce good coffee beans, one must remove all the feces of the weasel, just take the coffee beans. They will grind to separate the husk. This process is quite complicated and requires quite sophisticated. After that, the paddy coffee is taken away and washed, rinsed through strong water flow many times to completely clean the weasel and make the crust peel.

After the peel is separated, we get the coffee bean. This bean coffee beans continue to be dried and dried, then prepared to roast and grind. This process is also quite complicated, the last stage to make coffee beans no longer stink of weasel.

The final stage – roasted weasel coffee

For any kind of coffee, the roasting process is always the most important process. Roasting techniques, roasting temperatures must be carefully studied. Just overheating or a little time will make your coffee bitter and burnt.

In Vietnam, to ensure flavor retention, weasel coffee is roasted in light to medium roasted colors for the best batch of coffee.

Finally, the coffee grinding process, the fineness of coffee depends on how to prepare, how to use the coffee.

Through the article, Duong cafe gave you an overview of how to make fine weasel coffee in Vietnam.

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